Those Confusing "Sensitivity" Sliders!

In traditional camera parlance, lower sensitivity means the camera is less likely to detect
motion. Higher sensitivity means the camera is more likely to detect motion.

From Wyze:
“The Wyze app lets you set the sensitivity of your Wyze Cam with the Detection Settings.
The slider has a range of 1-100 and will adjust the percentage of changed pixels that are
necessary to generate an event video.”

This is confusing. Does Wyze equate going from low to high on the slider with 1 to 100
percent of changed pixels? Because that would mean that in “Wyze World” a 1% pixel
change is considered “low” but a 1% pixel change would trigger almost endless motion
alerts and alternatively a 100% pixel change trigger would result in much fewer notifications.

So basically what I want to know is which direction moving the Wyze Sensitivity sliders
equates to more alerts and which direction results in fewer alerts.

Thank you.

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@MaidenFan Welcome to the community! To get less alerts set the slider to lower. The magic number seems to be 3. This number seems to work for those that have tried it. :slightly_smiling_face:

So making it lower will help reduce false positive alerts.

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Thank you very much Sam. Wyze needs to clarify their Detection Settings info.

Now where do I go to confirm that the batch of 3 Wyze Cam V2s that I bought from Wyze direct are not working at all compared to the V2 and Pan Cam that started me on this Wyze adventure which were bought on Amazon? BTW, the MAC addresses of my 3 wacked out V2s all begin with 2C:AA:8E:39

Is this a known issue that I somehow missed or should I start a new topic giving very explicit details of the issues with these 3 little cubes?

Thanks again!

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You’re welcome! Yes, I agree the slider settings info needs a little more polish.

As far as the problem you are experiencing with the v2s, you can reach out to the Official Wyze Support Team and create a support ticket. They will be glad to assist you with this issue. Submit a New Request Here

I’m not aware of a wide spread issue on the v2s, so just reach out to the Wyze support team with the link I provided. They will take care of it. No need to start a new thread unless you want to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, please post your support ticket number in this thread from the Wyze email they send you. Thanks!

As @StopICU33 suggested Wyze Support will be the quickest way to resolve any hardware issues. But if you’d like to post the details of the issue here or in a new thread we can try to help troubleshoot.