Motion settings seems to extreme [Moved]

If I set motion sensitivity to low it almost never picks anything up and medium goes off every few mins for nothing. High setting is impossible it just constantly goes off. Anyone having this issue any way to fine to in between ??

Same issue. Medium was picking up things I couldn’t even notice. Low missed doors opening and people walking in.
I just went back to Medium, but I know I’m wasting a lot of there very generous AWS storage space

My issue with this is that they seem to pick up birds out the front window on the feeder about 4 feet away, but miss the person walking by 10 feet away and pick up cars 30 plus feet away. Is there some issue with the range? Also the 15 seconds of recording is too short, it needs to be 30 , often the activity doesn’t come into view until the very end of the recording. A third issue is how long before it resets to detect another motion event seems too long. If a car pulls up it will get it, but it won’t reset in time to pick up the person walking up to the house.


Agreed. Set a longer event duration like 30 sec. even let the user decide

<p style=“text-align: left;”>I agree should be 30 seconds. Also maybe make it so you could choose where in the picture it does motion detection.</p>

Completely agreed with your comments. Mine can’t detect someone walking up to my front door but can detect cars passing by (20/30 feet away)… anyone have tips? Mine is inside facing outside through window…

Yes setting where in the frame to detect would be interesting. Mine seems to be best right along the edge going vertical, and less effective on movement through a horizontal plane except when very close or very far away.

Though I was loosing it. Cam records leaves and shrubs moving but not when a car drives up in the drive way nor when someone goes to our door.

What the???


Trying different setting combinations at the time…

Something to note: When using the alert videos stored on AWS, accessable from the Notifications tab, there’s a ~5 minute cool down. So if something trips the motion video, then the car shows up less than 5 minutes after, it will be missed.

If you put an SD card in the camera, and set it to even recording, you’ll get a 1 minute video (or until the motion stops, whichever is longer) & there is no cool down.