Outdoor Cam not picking up motion when it happens. Response time tooooo long

My outdoor cam is pointed to my driveway and is 8 feet from the gate. Livestream shows the gate, the driveway and road. There have been breakins so it was imperative to get a camera that picked up motion right away and had a clear picture. The outdoor cam has a great picture but the response is way too short and doesn’t pick up the motion for at least two minutes. Twice now (and also tested by me) I have had a truck drive up to my gate, wait a minute, back out and leave. This was never captured when it happened and when I got a notice all I got was the tail end of the truck going out my driveway. This truck was in my driveway at least 2-3 minutes. I tested this theory myself, I drove into my driveway, sat and waited and never got a notification I had driven in or was sitting there. I got out, opened my gate, drove in and closed the gate. This took many minutes. I then got a notification and when I looked at the video it was of me locking my gate (after having driven up to it, sitting there for a minute, getting out and opening my gate and driving my truck through the gate.) This is NOT what I need. I need a camera that records motion as soon as it sees motion, not after a thief leaves. Twice now my neighbor has told me a truck has pulled into my drive and sat there for a minute and backed out, driving off. Not one of these events were captured. I have been on chat support, everything is set properly, firmware for the camera and base is current, deleted and reinstalled the camera and still it doesn’t react the way it should, fast enough. I have sensitivity turned close to maximum and cool down rate of 1 minute. If it was this bad on my own test, how many times has this strange truck actually come on my property? This is why I got the camera!!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have to see who approaches and be notified of this. Can someone suggest a camera that actually works well? The video is great but the functionality of it is very poor! It’s disappointing.

Customer support was of no help and kept having me do the same thing over and over and asked the same questions over and over until I sent them screenshots to show them I had the settings the way they are suppose to be. Help.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I understand and agree. The IR detectors are best at detecting motion as it moves across the field of view -and- it has to be within the detection zone at the bottom. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can put the camera at an angle to the drive, moving objects will cross zones more effectively.
You can also try inverting the camera so the detect zone is at the top.

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