Motion Alert ONLY captures Cars But NEVER People! :(

Hello fellow Wyzers! :slight_smile: / Wyze support

I just got the v2 3 days ago and next day ordered 2 more LOL!! They are Not here yet.

So I set it up on MEDIUM or LOW and in BOTH cases I get alert all day and night when a CAR / Truck / Vehicle passes by in front of my house. Say about a distance of 25 feet or so. It tracks the vehicles with the GREEN Box as they move pass my house.

People ALSO walk by my house DOZENS of times a day. Wyze Cam also TRACKS them with Green Boxes BUT NEVER sends me alerts for them.

So a car takes like 2 seconds to pass while a person takes like 15 seconds to pass by my camera’s range and the camera continues to track the people too all this time, but NO motion alert is triggered / NO videos is captured.

But out of the 50 alerts+ I got in last 3 days, I NEVER got one for a PERSON walking by. Not when even I walk in front of it slowly or waive at it. NOT when a mailman comes in walking by it. Rabbits are too tiny and it doesn’t track them, but that’s okay.

Please fix this issue ASAP!

Maybe we can have the option to not get alerts for ‘fast moving’ objects like cars altogether, but that’s just me. Tired of seeing cars and damn school buses’ alerts all day! haha

People have Vertical Green tracking Boxes whole Vehicles have Horizontal Green Tracking Boxes. So should be a simple logic/algorithm to distinguish the two right? Unless a person is doing military crawling exercise, LOL!

At the MINIMUM, it should ALERT for people, since it’s tracking them already for 15+ seconds!

And yes, I updated the firmware / software 3 times already. And my internet connection is fast and reaches it’s location very fine.

As I was typing this I got 5 alerts; ALL with cars driving by and NONE for people walking. I saw LOTS of kids going to school and some people walking by my house but it didn’t capture any alert for ANY person.


Have a GREAT day you all!

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You may need to turn up the sensitivity even further. In the latest beta app (and soon to be released in the public app) the sensitivity is a slider instead of just three choices.

Also, you have the ability to set a detection zone for alerts. Perhaps it will be possible for you to exclude the street but include the sidewalk.

Also keep in mind that if a vehicle triggers an alert, there is a five minute lockout before the next alert can be triggered.

I am reasonably sure that “motion” and “sound” detection are done locally on the camera, by a low powered processor. So it will probably never be able to do anything that requires lots of processing power, like facial recognition, etc.

The alert videos are limited to a 12 second clip, which when sent, takes a timestamp and adds 5 minutes and keeps it as a re-arm timestamp. (guessing at algorithm) Then when a new motion event is detected, it compares the current time with re-arm timestamp. If it is past the re-arm timestamp it will send an alert and repeat.

This means that if you are pointing your camera at source of constant movement, you will get many alerts, just over 5 minutes apart. Anything that happens during the timeout will not be captured, unless you have recording to an SD card.

I am in the beta program, and a rectangular “motion detection zone” can be setup for each camera. I haven’t played around a lot with that feature.

I don’t know when the beta will be released to general availability. You can request to join the beta it you don’t mind the possibility of getting new bugs with the new features. In general my experience with the Beta has been positive, many more benefits than problems.


thanks! just applied for the beta! I REALLY need the ‘detection zone’ thing. Also the 5 minute lockout – hope this becomes optional too. I mean at night do we really want to block off 5 minutes of detection?

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Thanks. Like I mentioned above I applied to the beta program today.

Also I hope there is a way to get UNLIMITED alerts. Basically I want to get ALL activity that happens on my front yard, back yard and side door. People hardly ever ever come and walk over through my yards. So if I could just block the roads and get all activity for ‘people’ or pets walking through / over my yards, that’d be perfect!

Do you know that I can ‘unlock’ unlimited alert triggers (without waiting 5 minutes) if I use a microSD card?


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There is no way to “unlock” the 5 minute interval between notification alert clips.

However, recording to the mSD card is completely independent from the alert clips. If you install a mSD card, you can set it to record continuously, or only when motion is detected. If recording motion only, it records constantly as long as motion is present without any time limits or waiting periods other than limited by the size of the mSD card.

ohh soo with mSD Motion ONLY feature it will CONTINUE to record for EVERY motion right? 12 seconds each?

That’s perfect!

Basically, if I block out the roads, all I’ll get are people and some rabbits maybe? LOL!

Thanks for your responses!

There needs to be some limit on cloud alert recordings for Wyze to be able to provide free cloud storage. If there are any plans to provide a paid option to eliminate or reduce these limits, I have not heard of it.

I tried that “Record on event”. It is very difficult to select the events, i.e. represented by thin green lines, by sliding the time bar. The Samsung smartcam has the “Previous video” and “Next video” which help user to jump to / select the video instead of sliding a time bar.

Hence I turned on “Continuous recording” and use those 12 seconds alerts as time markers in searching for events in the continuous recording.

Well, yes and no. Yes, it will continue to record as long as motion is present. But no, not in 12 second clips. The video is stored on the mSD card in files containing 60 seconds of video. Each file that has motion is saved, the non-motion files are discarded (if recording motion only). When played back from the app, it appears as a smooth playback with jumps to the next minute that contains motion. If you pull the card from the camera, you would be able to see the 1-minute files.

GOT the Beta app and FINALLY got rid of the DAMN CARS!!! lol!!!

Got the sensitivity to 80 and it picks up the shadow of trees that fall on my house and when sunlight changes slightly. wow!

Anyways, no more cars after I drew the custom ‘Motion Detection Zone’!

Thanks guys for pointing me out the Beta app!

I am having the exact same issue! I almost chewed out my house sitter because I thought that he never came by! It’s recording car but not anyone that comes up to the house, which defeats the purpose of having the cam. I’ve messed around with the sensetivity but it doesn’t help. I have an SD card. I’ve tried resetting the camera, reformating the SD card but I still have the same issue. Was there ever a resolution to this?

I have the same issue. It’s probably because my street is so busy there isn’t a 5 minute period where a car doesn’t go by. I maybe get a person detection once a week if I’m lucky. It should at least be picking up me 6 or 7 times a day.

Came on here for the exact same issue!
Daytime it is the cars’ motion. But at night, it’s the headlights! So half the night, I get 12 sec. of headlights, over and over, all night long.
We had THREE packages delivered on porch yesterday. 3 different adults.
These cameras did not send a notice about a single person on our porch! How is that possible?
I looked at the 3 delivery times on footage, yep, here’s a person on porch each time. But NO notifications by Wyze.

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I live on a very busy street. The only way to keep from getting hundreds of notifications from passing vehicles is to include the sidewalk and not the street. Their feet are just enough to set off the detection. It works at night for me as well because of the street lights.