Wyzecam Magnet Question

I have that magnet with the sticker thing. I saw the wyzecam video and if you want to put on the wall, you pull that sticker off on one side and stick it to the wall while putting wyzecam on it and it sticks.

Now if i do that but then want to move it to another location, does the sticker get less effective so to speak where it now won’t stick to the wall anymore?

I ask this because im going to use it in another location and not where im at so i dont want to take the sticker out and then stick it to the wall and then later on in another location, its not sticky enough? Or is that not how it works?

I haven’t had any luck perserving the sticker. Probably why they have the mounting kit for $3.99

So basically don’t pull sticker out until you know you want it at a certain spot right?

That would be the best thing to do since they are pretty strong once placed down.

Hi pauly2,

I’ve been using velcro with double sided tapes on it. You can remove it without mess or leave it for future use.


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Hi @pauly2,

You certainly can stick it up in the first location. Others are correct though that the adhesive will be significantly diminished so reuse is not practical. If you go to a local Autoparts store and pickup 3M double sided tape for body moldings and cut a few pieces to replace the adhesive on the back of your original disc it you can reposition it as many times as you want.

Caution though, the spendy 3M body molding tape sticks really well! Just be gentle when you go to remove it or wall paint may come with it!


Speaking from experience!

3M Body Molding Tape