Moving metal pad

What’s the best way to relocate the metal pad for wall mounting the original camera?
I had it on the wall using the metal disc that came with it but need to move it.

Are you used the stick tape, screw, or something else?
If you are moving it somewhere that the magnet can stick to, yo7 can just move the camera.
If you’re using the screw then you can just unscrew it and move it. If your using the stick tape, I’d leave it up because it will peal the paint if you try to pull it off.
You may want to look at the V2 and V1 mounting kit.

Also if you want an alternative to the sticky tape, check out this video.

I would also recommend zip-ties around the camera base if you need a semi-permanent install.

I use a good grade velcro. Stable, strong and easy to move.
The mounting kits are also sold in the Wyze store online under Accessories.
@Brlepageis absolutely right about the adhesive sive on the disc. It is very strong and hard to remove. Paint/sheetrock is no match for it!

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If you have to remove the factory tape use a piece of dental floss and use it like a saw to cut into the tape.
Depending on your surface WD-40 on a rag and some elbow grease should remove the rest on there from any hard surface.


You can also apply a small amount of heat to the the sticky base/surface… Such as from a hair dryer… but of course do not leave in one spot for too long! But heat should loosen up most sticky adhesives…


Gotcha. So what I’m getting from this post is: use the screw to attach the metal plate!
Thanks all.

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Or put a screw through the base of the camera itself (avoiding the magnet of course).

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This is a great idea!:+1:
Just know, it would void your warranty

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