Lacking Instructions for Mounting Cam V2

Why is it so difficult to find answers to what should be easy questions?

I just want to know how to use/mount the V2 with the stuff included in the package. I cannot find this information anywhere.

The package includes a round metal plate, adhesive… And NO INSTRUCTIONS for what to do with them?

I can’t find this info on Wyze website and searching the forums was not any better. It just brought up results that have nothing to do with mounting a V2.

WYZE really needs to rework their instructions and FAQ. It is severely lacking. Frustrating is an understatement.

So, can someone tell me how to use the plate and sticky thing?

There is this:

Is that what more info you were looking for?


Method 1

  1. Peel either side of the adhesive donut.
  2. Stick it to the back of the metal plate.
  3. Peel the other side of the donut.
  4. Stick the, now very sticky, metal plate to the location you would like to mount a camera.
  5. Stick the V2 magnetic mount to the newly installed metal plate.

Method 2

If you have a location that you don’t mind putting a small hole in.

  1. Find a small screw that the head of will sit level with or below the surface of the metal plate.
  2. Screw the plate to a location where you would like a camera mounted.
  3. Stick the V2 magnetic mount to the newly installed metal plate.

Oh sure, I guess you could read that too. :grinning:


I have used zip ties to mount cameras to things where I didn’t want the super adhesive "fonut"to be stuck to forever. I have also used box tape to tape down the metal disc to the top flat part of a cabinet so I do not have to worry of the camera free floating and possibly come forward (silly cats).

D’oh, fonut. Fat fingers on a phone. DONUT.

I have s V2 magnetically stuck to a metal drywall corner and a curtain rod bracket. The magnet is great.

Mmmmmmm. Fonuts.

It’s like fake donuts. Fauxnuts. :slightly_smiling_face:

Shhh, it’s my new Doughnuts by Fone concept. The VCs are all over me.

I thought it was intentional, lol. “Foam-donut”

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I read that. I guess I was confused. Because the pictures showed the mount for the pan cam and I misread the part about the mounting plate and that the base is magnetic. It all makes so much more sense!

Jiminy Crickets I feel like a dolt now. :joy: :joy: :joy: That’ll teach me to try to work from home and install a camera at the same time.

Don’t mind me. Move along. Nothing to see here.



I credit us idiots rambling about doughnuts with shaking your cobwebs loose. 'Cause why not. :wink:

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:joy: :joy: :joy: I have to say I got quite the laugh out of this thread.

Now to get this V2 installed. Thanks again for the help (both in information and shaking the cobwebs loose),

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No need to feel like a dolt. A picture of the metal plate and a brief description on how to use it would make the support article much more user friendly especially for those that are not familiar with it.

I think Wyze needs to let the community write some of their support pages, because they are definitely lacking the simple things that are not always simple to everyone.


Too late. It’s on the Internet for generations too see. :joy:


A picture really is worth a thousand words.

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But maybe my folly will help another down the road.


@StopICU33 I could get behind that!


The Alexa PD page is a good example. Gets into a complicated routine setup and neglects to say you can turn on Alexa PD announcements in two clicks…