Damaged wall due to Camera

I went to remove one of my Wyze cameras to place it in a different area and the adhesive ripped off a chunk of my drywall, I’ve looked everywhere for an email for this company and don’t see it. Must be blind. Need to figure out how to get this company to replace the damages because I’m not paying for it. #support

Hi @djlewis1990, welcome!

Sorry to hear about the damage. The adhesive included with the Wyze Cam mount is a strong adhesive meant to hold the magnetic mounting plate in a semi-permanent position, so it’s likely to remove paint or parts of drywall if you forcibly remove it (3M Command strips are a better option if you want something that is easily removed). The Wyze Cam itself sticks to that plate via its magnetic base, and you can order additional base plates if you plan to use a cam in several locations.

If you need to contact Wyze Support there are several methods (chat, ticket, etc) on the Support page:


Your wall was not damaged by a camera or a piece of adhesive tape. It was damaged by ripping the tape off with brute force instead of a little heat and patience. We all learn by trial and error sometimes; but blaming someone else isn’t constructive.

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Sorry you want Wyze to pay to fix your drywall from a mount you removed?

The adhesive used on the mounts is the same double sided tape used to mount trim and mirrors and such on automobiles. I think that what we have here is a lack of product awareness and lack of patience as already mentioned. Sounds like what is needed is some simple drywall repair in addition to some touch up paint. Sorry that you had to learn this the hard way.

For others that read this - the mount clearly states that the adhesive is VHB (Very High Bond). It is designed to stick and stay stuck to many different types of materials. If you are looking to remove it in the future, you’d be better off using command strips.

I was VERY happy that they included the VHB adhesive as I have many surfaces that command strips do not work on effectively.

If you need to remove it - go get some fishing line and use that to cut the bond with an oil like WD-40 or Goo Gone. It’s very easy to remove if you know what you’re doing. Don’t use brute force to remove it…this goes with any adhesive for that matter.