Wyzecam Magnet Part?

Hey all. When i bought the wyzecam over a year ago, I remember it came with that red magnet part… did it come with just one or two pieces? At the moment, i have my wyzecam with me but i left the red magnet part in another apartment in another country.

But i recall it came with two of them? Now i believe once you use it once… you can’t use it again? Example i remember i put it on the top of the wall and stick it there with my camera to test it out… then when i took it back down… i couldn’t use it anymore?

So if i don’t have any of those, could i buy replacement part? And also, how many does it come with in a new box? I know it was either one or two. And once you stick it to a spot… its basically useless to stick it anywhere else with it right? Example i think that first magnet… i had to throw it away because it could only be sticked once?

The cam mounting kit is available for sale in the Wyze shop under Accessories.
You can also use 3m double sided adhesive, available in lots of configurations from Amazon.

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My V2’s only came with one set …metal disk and red two-way tape.
The magnet is located in the base of the cam.

With this below you can just leave it mounted and use the rest where you need to …you have 15 of them…a bargain.
Fender Washer, 1/4 x 2, 15 pcs.

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OKay so it came with one metal and two way red tape. But didnt they give you a good bit of tape? Example like if you stick it up in the walls near the ceiling… could you remove it weeks or months later and stick that magnet and tape in another location? Magnet can always be reused… you just need more mounting tape?

Or once you stick it once, magnet is very weak even with new tape?

The metal disk is just that, a metal disk. The magnet is on the bottom of the v2 camera base. You can stick the v2 to any metal object, like a fridge or metal door and itl stick. The foamy tape that comes with the camera is very strong. If you are able to use the tape part again after removing it depends on the surface it was affixed to and your removal methods. I’ve used a hair dryer to head up the tape and it should come off fairly well with a little help.

If you want more foamy tape and metal disks, the mounting kit linked above has it. If you want to reuse the metal disk that came with the cam, any way you can afix it to what ever mounting surface you want should work. As long as the disk is secure in its spot. I’ve used just regular box tape to secure the metal disk to the top of the cabinet. It won’t hold weight, but it’ll keep it from any sideways motion which is what I want in that spot.

The magnet is permanently encased in the base of the camera at the end of the legs that unfold to raise or lower the camera box vertically. The attachment round metal for mounting is just a metal disk which is removable but to reattach it you would have to use (i suggest) "3M Command brand Damage-free hanger tabs.
Hope this helped clear that up.

So i got a replacement wyzecam and have that red magnet part with it. Now if i were to connect it to the wall… then the next time i want to remove it from the wall and put it somewhere else… will it be then no use? You say magnet can be used over and over again… but how do i get more of that tape if say i want to put it in another location? Is only way to buy more of that mounting kit?

If you want something removable, use 3M command strips. The mounting pad included with the wyze is for permanent mounting, the adhesive is not easily removed, and will likely take the paint off your wall if you do not heat it up and carefully remove it

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Hi @paulyronnie Just to clarify, the magnet is in the camera and can be attached to any ferros metal.
The metal ring can be purchased from a hardware store or vehicle body shop as a “Body Washer”.

Finally, as @speadie says, the 3M command strips work well if you want to move it. Most double stick tape will work as well. So here are Alternative Mounting Methods by Gwendolyn. Alternative Mounting Methods - YouTube