sticking the wyzecam to the wall

Ok, I saw the video that should have been titled “beware” about the sticky stuff in the packaging and how it doesn’t stick to the wall and then the other ideas for sticking the camera to the wall. And so, mine is now not on the wall, I have it in a cart with wheels and a book is on top of the base so it won’t fall over when I have it pointing down at my little dog.

And, I have an idea, how about someway making tiny holes in the camera square that you can then hang it on a nail? Which might be a complete nightmare to redo the cover, which is such a perfect cube, I had an issue figuring out how to open the base to push the button to sign it in. On that video the guy just pops it open, lol, that was not me :).

I am thinking about how to stick it to the wall, and maybe I could glue some double sided tape to it and then stick it to double sided tape on the wall? Why does it have to be hanging from the wall anyway? You know what would be really cool, if you had cool things to put the camera in like the one I saw on amazon that looks like a little birdhouse. You could have some designer ones, something really funny, like a large hardboiled egg? I don’t know, crazy things, or cute, cute for it if goes in a childs bedroom. I think that would be cool, I would buy something to pop the camera in and hang on the wall…I would. Like for a childs room you could have a cute thing that looks like the sun, or the moon, artsie yet old school looking. In the meantime, this is working, I love this camera, it is the coolest thing.

Just a thought, I love cool things on the wall.

We us the velcro command tape and have 2 cameras mounted to the wall and have not had any issues with them getting loose or falling. I even trimmed the command strips so you can hardly see them when mounted.

In my garage I have my Wyzecam magnetically attached to a flat blank electrical box cover that has a hole in one corner and a slot on the other. The hole is hanging on a nail. Not pretty, but effective.

If you had a birdhouse substitute, you would still have to attach THAT to the wall, so not sure what that accomplishes. Here’s what I did… drill a small hole in the gray base and use a standard small drywall anchor to attach to the wall. It is secure and easily patched if removed.