WyzeCam home/away detection

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but earlier, I made a pretty detailed post here explaining my camera setup and some of the issues I have come across. Im just reporting back here happily to say that some of my initial annoyances seem to be being addressed by wyze teams. I am not sure if this is ongoing but I thought I noticed that the camera may now actually respect previous settings. If motion detection is turned ON, then a schedule runs, I believe it is respecting the previous settings rather than simply turning it off. Im also seeing the beta of home/away detection via the app. Lastly, I hope the excessive network traffic issues are being addressed.

Onto my tip for the wyze team. Im not sure if it belongs here or wishlist, but let me know. For motion detection, the Wyze team is going to frequently have problems especially on android of the operating system killing the app. This is super common in oneplus and samsung, with other manufacturers doing this as needed. This would be a problem for the feature, as user’s phones would close the app and not allow the feature to work correctly or worse, a false sense of security. A fix for this would be simple…have a home/away detection feature where the CAMERA ITSELF checks for the phone with the app via its mac address or IP address…both could be harvested from the app itself for the camera to make setup user friendly, and periodically scan the network for the device. I find it hard to believe the cameras do not run a small linux kernel with say a busybox shell.
Example of a simple ping test I have here, which I use in my own solution for the camera and its dead reliable running from my router. performs a simple pingcheck to see if a device is on the network or not. if not, turns on my iot away. · GitHub

Hopefully this can help the wyze team out. Thanks!