Home/Away feature

An automated home/away feature for the app - where you can set the camera to capture video and send alerts only when the user is not in the vicinity - would be very helpful. The pancam v2 is particularly annoying because the device tracks your every movement when home. An Amazon Cloudcam that I also own as this feature.

[Mod Note]: Post was moved to this category as your request is satisfied by existing functionality.

This feature currently exists as a “Location Trigger (Pilot)”. Wyze app Home > “+” icon in upper left corner > Location Trigger (Pilot):

Or are you referring to an automation tied to the Wyze Home Monitoring Home/Away settings?


Thanks for the info but that feature isn’t exactly what I meant. The CloudCam home/away setting on the app gauges when you’re on the same network and automatically halts motion alerts, which is a nice feature since one doesn’t have to manually change settings.

Please post a screenshot from your Wyze app that shows your Home/Away settings/buttons. Need to know what your “Home/Away” is in reference to.

Are you requesting the cam use network identification instead of phone’s geolocation for automation triggers?