Home Away mode similar to Amazon's CloudCam?

I’ve been using Amazon’s CloudCams and there is a mode that turns the cameras off when I am home and on the same wifi, and back on when I leave the wifi. Is there a setting for this with Wyze Cam? Thanks!

Currently, there is no equivalent natively in the Wyze app but you could probably set up something similar through ifttt. You could also go to the roadmap and place a new feature request there.

Plug the camera into a smart socket.

In the Alexa app, create a new routine.

Give the routine a name.

Set “when this happens” to Guard, then Away.

Add action to turn on power to camera.

When you tell Alexa “I’m leaving” Alexa will start listening for a breakin and the camera will be powered on.

You would set up something similar, only the opposite when you tell Alexa “I’m home.”


It would be much simpler to use Location as the trigger instead of Guard. Set the routine to power on the camera when you leave home, and another to remove power when you arrive. That way you don’t have to remember to tell Alexa when you leave or arrive.