Wyzecam Floodlight washes out faces and plates at night

The V3 camera is great in day and low light. At night, different story. I tested the camera with floods on and off, and then with floods on in ranges as low as 3% up to 100% illumination, video format in HD and SD, standing near and far, with IR on and off, vs color. Basically all combinations of video, camera, and flood light level combinations from all distances… faces are washed out in all modes and video capture is virtually unusable to ID a person. Not good. The only setting combo that was close enough to capture face details was standing within 8 feet of the structure, floods off, IR mode off (color on), SD video format. Not really interested in keeping floods off to capture face features and have someone this close to the building at night. Seems there is development needed here, or perhaps V3 is A cam for this new floodcam application not the cam. Also in license plates are washed out and unreadable at night… not thrilled about that either.

I have not got mine in yet, wondering the direction the lights are facing. Can you take a pic and post how it looks on the house? Can you adjust the Light Temperature?

@spamoni4 How do we adjust color temperature on these lights??? Would love to try that. To answer your questions… One light is horizontal and pointed to the right to shine up the driveway a little. The other is down a bit and to the left. They overlap a little in the middle. I tried brightness as low as 3% and in 10% increments up to 100%. They pretty much all looked like the images uploaded. The YouTuber @LifeHackster tested this camera at night but had ambient light all around the area so the camera performed well as a low light application on plates and faces. No light, or night+floodlight on is creating too much contrast to focus on details.

Not sure how or if you can adjust the temp. I did see the youtube video by LifeHackster, I also posted it in one of the topics. I wonder if you cancel the overlap of the lights if that will help out at all. Once mine comes in, I will test it out and see what I find as well.