WyzeCam App storage management (Android)

Would like to do following (on Android)

  • Move (save) app to external (SD) storage location
  • Configure app to use external (SD) storage location for all app caching/downloaded media files
  • Configure app to auto-delete cached/downloaded media files after X days

It would be great to see an Android app option to the change default Video and Picture storage a phones installed SD card.This would be helpful for those with low Android internal storage.


It’s acutally a problem, whenever you watch your replays from the cloud the file gets downloaded and saved on your phone’s storage, but they’re never removed. I actually have a tasker task that runs every midnight to clean up that folder on my phone.


My tablet has 4.9GB free on its 16GB device memory. I have a 64GB SD card for external of which there is 50GB free.

The Wyze app needs a setting where the user can select the path for data storage, the HL and Wyze directories (as far as I have found so far). for which the default location is now device memory and only the device memory.

To be clear, this request is not for moving the app, a move which may not even be possible.


Thanks to Loki for moving my New Topic to this thread.

The nine vote count, prior to my 10th, is obviously why this will never get the attention of the developers as the count is apparently their criteria for response.

How many users of the app, which is required upon purchase of the product, have the technical savvy to discover this deficiency? Ten so far, with three taking the time to post up.

Right now my HL and Wyze folders hold 87MB of data with no user purposed videos. They’re littered with days-old 1.2-3.8MB png and mp4 files and they’re days-old as I’ve only been using my Cam for a bit over a week.

A sixty minute HD video of near-static scenery is about 0.33GB.

The path to external storage is a prevalent and greatly beneficial feature, especially for apps germane to handling media files. When at first I couldn’t find it, it was almost enigmatic. How could they leave this out?

While the Wyse Cam is The Best Bang for the Buck in its category, the absence of SD storage in its app is inexcusable as is the lack of developer response to this thread. It’s as if the expectation is the buyer of a bargain priced device will own a high end phone or tablet with 32 or 64GB storage. So, you customers with low to mid range devices with 8GB memory and a nice SD card, use 360p.

This is the reason why I’ll be one star reviewing Wyze at the Play store and Amazon, even though I’ll be buying a second V2 if and when the LED-off update arrives.

Thank you.


When accessing an event video, it is downloaded to the internal memory on the users phone. This can add up to a lot of memory usage over time. While the videos can be manually removed by navigating to the folder, it would be nice to have a “Clean Up” or “Delete Old” option to clear out the Internal/Wyze/Camera/Videos folder.

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I could see that as a future issue. I would much rather have a folder/album created and manage manually.

Normally, you need to offload it to a storage device other than the phone/tablet anyway if you need it for retention.

Plus, storage needs to be managed daily if you use your device. I look at all my android files daily and delete all the temp caching. When you start having apps do it, that that adds another failure point.

I don’t mind the files being saved. I just wish they could be saved to MicroSD instead.


I’d like to see a feature where you can just turn off videos being saved unless you want them to be. I have 100 meg internet in a 780 sq ft house, so internet connection/speed is no issue for me. Plus, if I need the video saved, I can just get it from the SD card in the camera.

I assume your taking about the events correct?

Turn it off on settings or use your shortcuts.

I like having the event notifications, I don’t like that it stores the video on my phone when I go to view it. It’d be nice to have a feature where you can view the event without it downloading the video to your phone.

I understand now. Yes I have to manually remove them from my android due to size limitations. Would just be better to stream as you mentioned. :slight_smile:

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Very much need to have the option to change the download the video location to microSD.


I agree with the need to save images/video to my phone’s microSD instead of the main memory.

Also, how are Android’s HL and Wyze folders organized, if I want to manually copy these files to my microSD?
Wyze>Camera>Video looks like short triggered clips.
Wyze>Camera>manual looks much the same.
HL>API >img>cam looks like freeze frames from the cams.
HL>API>timelapse has cascading folders with timelapse video, stills, and h264 info. But how is it organized?

Or does the file organization even matter? It looks like I delete / attach / upload everything from each individual cam’s “Album”.

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Manually managing files now on my Samsung Tab S2. I have a 128 GB microSD Card and use an external 750 GB USB Hard Drive unit that is exFat formatted. It is a pain in the neck to transfer and organize files with names like 1552528622000_2CAA8E0BFB0911552528622.mp4, 1552333803.mp4, 2CAA8E0BF453_1552234438194.png, etc.

It would be nice to have an upgrade to the WYZE App that would allow files to be offloaded, renamed, organized or grouped and transferred to external storage devices. This could also be a standalone App. I would be willng to pay extra for this.


:+1: The ability to specify a file storage location (user installed SD card vs internal Android device memory) seems to be a common feature on many Android apps, so it shouldn’t be all that complex to add ?? :thinking:

I can live with manually moving the files off to PC/NAS/etc every so often, but it would be very nice to have the extra breathing room of my usually empty 128 GB SD card vs the almost always full 16 GB internal device storage. :wink:

Managing files on Android devices is a pain. It would make life easier if the WYZE App had some built in user friendly options to be able to move, store and rename files. The file names that the WYZE App assigns have little obvious meaning to the average user.

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I’d like the capability to set the directories for everything but the time lapse is the most important. If I have X cameras running time lapse I’d like to be able to give each timelapse a unique name when I create it.
And if at all possible save it directly to the Android phone’s SD-card instead of internal memory.

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I’m requesting a better way to organize the files through Android.

It appears new folders are created (four in total) every time you interact with the app. Rather than one folder for all media files, I get folders called “cam”, “pic”, “Video”, and “Snapshot” all for the Wyze app.

Certainly there’s a more efficient way for the Wyze app to handle the Android file system?


Is there a way to change the default video and picture storage to an installed SD card on phones/tablets instead of internal storage?

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