SD Card Inquiries - Android Device AND Cam

Wyze Cam V2 - Wyze 32GB SD
Wyze app v2.0.26
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 - Oreo
Windows 7 x64

I’ve had my Cam about a week…

  1. My tablet has 5.6GB free on its internal 16GB. I use a 64GB SD card for external. Can the Cam storage (Wyze and HL folders data) be assigned to external?

  2. When I pull the Cam SD and stuff it in a reader and open it in Windows, the card time stamps don’t match those of the videos.


I reformatted the card in the Cam, hit settings Sync time, no fix. I’ve never had this kind of behavior in any IoT/device file scenario.

Is this time disparity to be expected? If not, what is the fix?


That’s because the file timestamps are recorded in UTC time. It’s normal. I can tell from your screenshots that you are in the MST time zone (or equivalent).

Note that the folder structure of the videos is set up around local time. IOW, the folder that contains the files of your screenshot will be named “09” for the ninth hour of the (local) day.

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Hi Loki. Thanks for the fast reply.

Yes, I noticed the UTC and failed to note in my OP that I checked my router’s time settings for my TZ offset and that its syncing with is active and current.

Yep. I live in the MST zone. Fortunately far enough out of the way of record breaking Arctic Vortex snow.

Thanks for the tip on the folder naming,

What say you on my 1) question, please?

Sorry, I know less than nothing about Android.

@DreadPirateRush ??

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I have been summoned by The Trickster (@Loki) himself!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@lodbrok7, my phone’s Android utility that shows what apps can be transferred to SD card does not list the Wyze app as moveable. I also can’t find any setting in the app that permits moving the storage location. I’m thinking it would need to be a feature requested in Roadmap to either make the app moveable, or just the storage location for data.


Thanks Dread. My ancestor, Ragnar Lodbrok, sacrificed countless goats to Loki to quell the mischief.

Even if one could run the app externally, the storage path would remain the same. As you know, the ability to path files to other locations is common in Android media apps, found and set in their Settings.

If one sets up an SD card in an Android device, upon completion one of the first pop-ups offers the user the option to transfer media files automatically.

A 60 minute HD eats up 337.8 MB, so longer and multiple recordings significantly tax internal resources. Not to mention all the other stuff in there, png files, etc.

I’m thinking it can’t be in the Wyze app which would be really disappointing and I wouldn’t understand how that could be overlooked.

No complaints otherwise.

So, is this fixable ? Can the files be synched with when they were actually recorded and how ?

I don’t know for sure, but I think there are probably good (and not changeable) reasons why the firmware does it the way it does. So, no, it couldn’t be fixed. But, there are tools on both macOS and Windows that will let you apply an adjustment to the file’s timestamps. You can likely set that up so it’s a one step or one click process.