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I saw one similar question back in 08/2018, but I’m at a loss since the answer doesn’t seem to fit the current situation in the app.

When I tap the “Record” button under a camera, then stop the recording, it says “Saved successfully”, but for the life of me I cannot find it anywhere on my Samsung Note 9. There is nothing in the DCIM nor Camera folders, and the app doesn’t tell me where it’s saved, nor does it allow for setting a “Save” location.

So, I’ll bite, where are my recorded videos?

On my Android 7.0 phone they’re saved in Main Storage > Wyze > Camera > manual.

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Yet another need for a good directory structure to be published.

Maybe try restarting your phone? Sounds to me like it may be saving video to the external sd card possibly and then the sd card isnt being read right.

Although if you have a file explorer you should be able to find it somewhere. Never had this happen and I dont tend to record things manually. I let Wyze do it for me.

Well there you go… thanks.

Still, it should be in a standard location instead of some circuitous path to the 7th level of hell.


Same on my Galaxy S8. I was trying to find it the other day without success. Thanks for the tip.

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You all might want to vote for:

or create a new one along the lines of :

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download an app that refreshes your media gallery. there are numerous aps that you can do it with ( android) I have to use an app because my phone is silly like that for some reason.

When I save a 12-sec video, it goes to a standard “camera” folder and my gallery app has no problem seeing it. So I should not need to download even another app to do what is SOP for any other app. You’d think (There I go, thinking again. They don’t pay soldiers to think.) they would all go to the same place.

Or, give setting option to tell the app where videos go.

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Interestingly the description about how record works for the SD card at least (didn’t notice a description for live view) says “Manually recorded videos and photos are saved to your phone’s photo gallery”. So either this is a bug, or the descriptions in the online help need to be updated.

@WyzeGwendolyn – Is there a way to call Matthew’s attention to this (I couldn’t find an address for him), or do we go thru you?

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Not to mention, it says, “or shared through the Album in the Wyze app”, which does not appear to exist.

The word “Gallery” has been a point of contention for me ever since I started using Android. The functionality of the gallery app on Android is often misunderstood. It searches the entire phone for photo and video media. So, they’re not “in the gallery app”, they’re somewhere in a folder on the phone where the gallery app finds them. A common misconception is that media files are duplicated, but they aren’t, it just appears that way because the gallery app finds them where the other apps store them.


When I record a video from Live view it is in my gallery , tap on Albums and then scroll down tap on manual and there they are

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I’ll send this link over to Matthew. Thanks, folks! :slight_smile: