Where is recorded video stored stored locally

In the App when displaying a Cam, view Playback, and selecting Record, where does it record to after a “Saved Successfully” message ? I have searched my phone for .mp4s but none are found.

Also, while watching a previously recorded motion stream (full screen) locally form the SD card and selecting Record, where does that recording get stored? Or is the record action in this case also a live stream, rather then the one playing back?

It is stored on the device the app is on. For iOS I could be more specific but I have discovered for Android the usual answer is “it depends”.

What Folder on the Android phone? Like I said it is not to be found anywhere.

Are we sure HD saved clips can be save somewhere on the Android file system?

On my Samsung phone they are in Gallery then scroll to manual they are in there.
Sometimes the video doesn’t show up right away, I think maybe it takes some time for gallery app to find it , if I restart my phone then I am able to find it in manual

A chat with Wyze explains it. They are save to the ALBUM in the app. These clips can then be shared. Still would be nice to know where in the Android file system these clips are stored…

If you go to my files, then , internal storage , then wyze , then tap on camera and then tap on manual the recorded videos are there

Thanks much, HDRock. My Android file manager did not find these mp4s.

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Glad you found them. Android seems to enjoy changing where things are with each version so I admit to being out of the loop.

android is kind of silly when it come to when the media will refresh. in order to control it i downloaded a different app that allows me to manually do a media scan and it will then refresh all the media in the phone and thus the gallery.

if this is something you would like to look into just search for media scan in the store and check the descriptions.

I use FX File Explorer I don’t have a problem with anything showing up in there but I assumed not everyone uses that so I didn’t go into that, just what comes stock on Android devices


yup, same here, I usually just use my gallery to find this type of file, but every now and then I need to do a media scan. annoying yes, but a simple and free fix.


I have this question at 4am trying to find a video I just manually recorded through my phone’s file explorers… Searched high and low in so many folders… Researched and tried many suggestions from Google searching… But now am thinking it’s just on the Wyze microSD card! Of course it won’t show up in our phone file explorers… Good night fellas…

when you manually record something, it records to your phone, you should be good there…

when a new file is put on some phones it takes the phone a minute to do whats call a media scan. until it does that you wont see it in your gallery, but you should still be able to find it using a file explorer tool.

does the one you’re using have a “recent” setting that will show you the newest files in chronological order regardless of where ( what directory) on the phone they are? thats what I try to use where I cant fine something.

for instance when I download a video from my dashcam for some reason the file explorer is the only way to look at them until I do a manual media scan or restart my phone. see if the one you are using has a “recent” tab or something to that effect.

I finally found my recordings in the DCIM/wyze folder.

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Right on, if for some reason you record a video but it’s not showing up in your gallery you can download what’s called a media scanner and what that does is look over your phone for new media files, or you can restart your phone which when restarted your phone scans for all media files to be shown in the gallery and other places. Looking in folders directly is something you can do as well which you seem to have mastered :slight_smile: But it’s often something I don’t recommend on these forums at first because I often don’t know people’s level of experience with searching through what can sometimes be a myriad of many interconnected folders.

I’m super glad you were able to find it!