Can't find videos in my phone's photo gallery

Just received my WyzeCam v2 yesterday, and took a couple of manual videos today, which I would like to watch on my computer monitor. The FAQ states that “Videos and photos are stored in your phone’s gallery and can be accessed either through the Album in the Wyze App or your phone’s photo gallery.” I see and can play them on my phone from the Wyze App Album, but they are nowhere to be found in my phone’s gallery (so I can watch them on a larger screen). Any hints about how to access them? My phone is a Motorola Moto X running Android 5.1. Thanks in advance! Stan

If it works like iOS, there should be an album called “Wyze” in the gallery.

Thanks Rick. I anticipated a Wyze album in the gallery, just you suggest, and just as I have for a couple of other apps on my phone, but it’s not there. There is a new album called Snapshots which has the photos I’ve taken with the Wyze, but it doesn’t have any of the videos I’ve taken with it.

In iOS, the videos and photos are all mixed together in the one “Wyze” album. I don’t use the Android app, so I don’t know how it works there. Hopefully someone that uses Android will chime in.


Stan, I find my videos using file manager…


Root>Phone Storage>Wyze>Camera>manual


My photos are also in the Snapshot folder like yours however the videos are stored in manual folder! Good luck.


I am running Android 7.0

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I have recorded a bunch of time lapse movies, downloaded them to my phone with the Wyze app, and can watch them from within the android Wyze app (even when offline). I want to transfer them to my PC to store and view there, but I cannot find the files in the phone’s file system. I have checked the location indicated in this post (Root>Phone Storage>Wyze>Camera>manual) and all the other folders under Wyze and many other folders elsewhere (DCIM, movies, etc.), but I cannot find them so far. Any suggestions where else to look, or reason why they wouldn’t show up in the referenced folder?

Did you tap the Album button after tapping the More button from the camera’s live feed? (that’s where it is in iOS anyway).

Edit: That album should be its own album in the phone’s gallery/camera roll. Again, at least it is on iOS.

I finally found them myself and thought I would share in case it helps someone else. They are really hidden. Here is the folder path as reported by Windows with the phone mounted for one of the time lapse videos I took:

PhoneName\Internal storage\HL\API\timelapse\2CAA8E036424\1545486642_1545486642\video\Time_Lapse_by_Wyze.mp4

Each time time lapse video is in a sub-folder under: PhoneName\Internal storage\HL\API\timelapse\CAA8E036424\

It appears that in each folder there is a duplicate video file by another name: record.h264. The file size of both this file and the .mp4 is very close and both appear to be identical when played back as far as I can tell.

There are some folders that do not have video files in them. These may have been instance where the download was started but failed to complete or cancelled before it was complete.


Mine seem to be scattered in several different albums in my Gallery (Android). They are:
2CAA8E06824c - 8 files
cam - 3 files
manual - 2 files
Snapshot - 2 files
Video - 341 files

Is there something I need to do in my setup to get these consolidated? Or at least for those going forward?


I think that is a known glitch where the MAC address of the camera is used instead of the Camera name or Wyze. Some of those MAC address/name glitches were addressed in the last app update. Not sure on those. As for consolidation, not sure we use an iPhone. Sorry I could not be of more help.

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@Tuna and @mamski

That isn’t a glitch. Only the Wyze app can talk to the Wyze servers and translate MACs into the names given to the cameras by each user. I am not aware of any other app, including TinyCam, that can translate those MAC address associated files into the camera names.

Sorry, I don’t know what that all means. Not sure why all of them wouldn’t end up in the same place in my Gallery. Is there something I need to set up at my end?

Here’s some info on the Android gallery and how it works with the Wyze app. The second paragraph below may be more relevant to your question. :slight_smile:

You can’t stop the Wyze app from storing notification videos on your phone. If you want to view a notification, the app downloads it to your phone, first. This is better for people with limited data plans, because if you want to view the notification video again, the app doesn’t have to download it again. To get rid of the videos from your phone permanently, you have to clear the cache through, “Account”, and then the “App settings” page.

The functionality of the gallery app on Android is often misunderstood. It searches the entire phone for photo and video media. So, they’re not “in the gallery app”, they’re somewhere in a folder on the phone where the gallery app finds them. A common misconception is that media files are duplicated, but they aren’t, it just appears that way because the gallery app finds them where the other apps store them. There’s sometimes a way in the gallery app’s settings to “hide” folders, but the media is STILL there on the phone, just not shown in the gallery. Another way to “hide” the media, is to place a “.nomedia” file in the folder.


Thanks, DreadPirateRush! I wish there was a way I could “direct” them to the same folder. When I’m scrolling for a pic, sometimes I have to go through a million of my notification videos first.

Me, too!

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But how can I delete them? I can go thru every folder theu gallery, settings, and every other means, but EVERY TIME I sync my thumb drive or try to transfer media storage to another device, my phone is FuLL of unwanted wyze cr@p, which then I can only choose to transfer or ignore. It’s seriously taking over and bogging down my storage even after constantly clearing cache and what not.