Just updated the app and suddenly my manually recorded videos are gone. Help?

Need a little help. This morning I manually recorded a video I was going to show my HOA of a problematic neighbor. After recording it, from the app I went to the Gallery and even played back the video.

A few minutes later I saw that there was an update to the app so I installed it. Right after installing it I went to the Gallery again and my video was gone. Strangely enough, there were a couple of videos I recorded back in December that were still there but the one I made right before updating the app was gone.

I could really use this video. I even opened my phone’s video/photo gallery but I couldn’t find the video there either.

Any suggestions? I recorded it on the phone itself so I don’t think it would be on the SD card. When I use the app to view playback it doesn’t show up on the SD card.

Not sure if it’s phone related but it’s a Galaxy S10.

Well, I fixed the problem sort of. I used a file manager and found the Wyze folder in my android phone. The video was still there.

But it’s no longer being recognized by the Wyze app’s gallery. Not sure why but at least I have a copy of the vid.

I haven’t experienced the app issue but when you manually record a clip it always saves to your device. Sometimes when I save videos via app it takes a moment for Google photos to refresh to see the video show up.