Where is the record video file saved?

I have a Wyze Cam V2 with SD Card,
It recorded stuff on the SD card
I go to playback, select date time, press play button followed by record button
I let it play for 30 seconds and then stop the recording and then pause.

Where is the video stored? I cannot find it anywhere? I need access to that excerpt of 30 second video.


The video should be in the Wyze album accessible from the app by clicking the icon to the right of the record button on the playback screen of your device.

That album itself is located on your device. I think on Android it’s under Photos but I’m mostly IOS and don’t have my Android device with me. Maybe one of the @Mavens can answer that better.

My recorded videos on Android are in gallery, sometimes after recording video it takes 3 minutes or more before it will show up in there, if you couldn’t find it go back and look again

See your on android, as am I. It’ll save in a folder named “manual”. After I see the saved message pop up, I exit the Wyze app and open up Google Photos. May take a sec to update but it’ll show up under library/photos on device in the manual folder.

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Thank you everyone for your responses, it’s in none of those places, I looked and couldn’t find it, if I take a snapshot / picture, it ends up in the album and it displays a toast that it was saved in the album, nothing like that happens for the video, recording starts, recording stops, and of course I cannot record if it is paused or cannot pause when it is recording (expected)
I searched all over the phone and could not locate the video :frowning:

Any other ideas?

What device are you using? Asking because the Pixel Devices leverages Google Photo’s. But I believe Samsung use its own Album locations.


Use the file manager type app and root around for the Wyze directory. Check out the subdirectories and see if you see the video there?

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Great Suggestion. I have found video’s and pictures there in the past.

Okay I had the same issue you’re having. What happens is that your phone is not updating your gallery. You can use a file explorer to root around and find where the actual file is but if you wanted to just show up in your gallery you have to refresh your phone’s media. There are many many apps you can use to do this.

I have mentioned this one on these forums before, if you download this app and then just hit scan it takes a couple seconds depending on how many files you have to update all of the media on your phone, it should show up in your regular gallery after that point because it will be recognized

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If you want to go look for it on your phone it’s easy, go to my files , then internal storage , then DCIM , then wyze

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Everyone, I truly appreciate all your feedback, amazing community.

I believe I’m encountering a defect,
I have looked at all those places, unfortunately I fear that it is not being saved, I’m saying this because if I try to save the event, I immediately see it however if I try the record button on playback, its no where to be found.


Sadly the event recording is not enough as a video proof because it is missing the important tail end of it, all I need is a 30 second video and I can’t get it out of the app.
I know I should be able to see it on the SD card by removing the SD card from the camera, but that is a PITA considering where the camera is mounted and how it is mounted,
The app should be able to do these basics.


I think the next action to take is then to submit a n app log and contact support and start a ticket. This is user to user forum, and the prev stated process will get Wyze the information they need to investigate this bug claim.

I had the same problem and found my recordings in the DCIM/wyze folder.