Record Button Not Working

I have sd card installed in the camera, Had something stolen and now trying to download/record a 5-minute segment showing the person. In playback mode when I press the record button it begins to record, press it again it stops. But then nothing. The “take photo” button does capture a snapshot.

  1. How do I get a copy of the recording.
    Thank you in advance from non-tech senior

It should be stored in a folder on your phone/tablet. Depending on what device you’re using, getting to it may be slightly different.

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Thank your for the response.
I connected my phone to my pc, opened the folder “Wyze”, was empty. Could that mean it is not saving to sd card? (never got a sd card error). If it is not saving to the sd card, but I am seeing it on playback, does that mean it is saving to the cloud. Is there a way to get the 5 minutes from the clip?

I’m not sure what folder on your phone the video is stored to, mine are usually found in a folder called ‘manual’ by default.

If you’re on Android, you should be able to view the various folders under the video category on the file explorer on the phone. Not sure about ios.

On IOS (Apple devices) it is stored in photos under an album called “Wyze”. It should also show up on the camera roll.