Can I download a recording from the Wyze Cam v3 SD card?

Hello. I know that I can hit the record button while viewing a live feed on the Wyze Cam v3. When I do that while viewing the SD card, it acts like it is recording what I am watching on the SD card. But when I look at the downloaded recording in the album, its only 1 second and will not play. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks.

There is a bug in the recent software with some V3’s that does not allow recording from playback for some of us. Are you in the Beta?

/edit - I think it’s only a batch of V3’s - I’ve tested 8 and only had 1 failure.

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do you hit the stop button to stop recording? I did find out accidentally just leaving the screen would do the 1 second thing.

Thank you for the response. Not sure if I am in Beta. I do hit the stop but to end the recording. I do love Wyze, but hope this is one I can get figured out.

I have the same problem here when i download the video nothing shows up.