Recording SD Playback to Album

I use to be able to go into Playback to view recordings off the SD card on my Camv2 & hit the record button would create a new video file & save to my Album. After being forced to update the Wyze app this feature no longer seems to work. I hit Record & it looks like its recording but when I stop I dont get any “saved” message & my album has no recordings. Live recording works & saves but not from the SD card playback. Has this been removed or is it broken in the current app?

I have exactly the same problem.

Used an iOS device… when the record button is pressed the second time to end the recording a notification appears “saved to album”. And the video is, indeed, present in the album. On Android, no such notification. A snapshot on Android, on the other hand does show that notification. It would appear there is something broken on the Android app?