Album Feature Not Working at all on V2 using latest Ap SW/Firmware on older J3 Smartphone

I just got a new V2 Cam to add to my exiting Wyze networked home security cams. I have an old Samsung model J3 Android running the latest Wyze app version and firmware. I know that there’s been some stability issues for us older smartphone users ever since Wyze turned off HW acceleration ( since the newer app versions after 2.4.82 ). My V2 has 32GB SD Card installed. I had an important video I recorded in the app that I wanted to analyze for a specific 9 minute period of time. I tried saving it to the “Album” on the SD card using the standard record to album feature. App acted like it saved it just fine. But when I click on the Album nothing renders - not even thumbnails. It’s got less than 1 week of data on the SD Card itself.

Giving up on the app, I took out the SD card and installed it into my PC’s USB SD chip reader to copy all original data to my PC. Could not risk losing the original data to an overwrite over time.

But, I can’t find any “Album” directory at all on the SD card contents. I see a few test “JPG” photos I took at end of March in a directory called K:\photo\20200331 (K drive is my USB SD card reader). But there are no saved video mpg segments in a separate directory like the photos apart from the regular day/hourly/minute Mp4 continuous recording files that the Cam generates for playback. Wondering if I am missing a file structure to support the album feature or its a hidden directory? When I did copy contents I get an error on the Tim.ini file - I think this ini file is always normally open when mounted so this is probably impossible to copy (tried repairing it but no luck).

Again, all the original Wyze MP4 files for each hour of a given day and each minute of that day (60 one minute video files for each hour) are all properly recorded to the SD Card at the various dated MP4 dated-directory entries files (e.g. for the day 04/04/2020 there’s the full set of files in \USB Drive\record\20200404\00\00.MP4 thru …/59.MP4 and through each hour thru the hour directories e.g. \USB Drive\record\20200404\23\59.MP4 . Just no recorded album segment for the time span I explicitly saved. Weird that the app does not seem to write it to the SD card nor am I able to get any thumbnails.

At the PC I AM able to look at all the short 1 minute recordings to get the “gist” of what I want to see on 1 minute boundaries – BUT can’t seem to be able to use the app to create a 3-4 minute windowed time MP4 recording that the ALBUM feature can recognize.

It just does not seem to record a separate video recording into anything proximate to an “Album”. I note that this used to work in my prior V2 cams BEFORE they did the infamous HW acceleration turn off modification sometimes last year (e.g. post version versions after 2.4.82). I don’t want to revert back to that old dated App Version just to get album’s working on this old J3 phone.

Anyone have insights on a way to force the app to save real recorded files to an album and go look at them without having to remove the SD card, copy all the files to PC and reconstruct a file manually in a video editor that can splice together the 1 minute long video files I want to combine holistically into one video?

This seems like such a basic function to not be rock solid at the app interface and cam firmware handling. So wanting to just be able to save video to internal storage and then emailing it to myself without having to go pull the SD card and do this tedious manual operation.


This saves to your phone, not the cameras SD card. Look in your phone or devices gallery for a “manual” folder I believe. Should be there.

I’d still check your devices gallery before anything else. It is a bacis function and has worked for me many times.


The “Album” is not stored on the SD card it’s stored on your phone or whatever device you use to run the Wyze app. I have included a link to a support article that goes over the use of the Album. The articles title says live view but it actually covers the Album very well.


This is good info. Thanks. I DID find the saved videos on my Samsung J3’s path: /MyDevice/Wyze/Camera/manual .
What blows my mind though is WHY can’t the Wyze app find these so when I click on “Album” it just pulls from this directory area? Seems like the path config file or convention is messed up. We need a way to have the app give thumbnails and launch from the app rather than go hunt into the gallery from the file system viewer.

Still leaves it a mystery to me why Wyze goes ahead and apparently still stores photo snapshots on the SD card - may be duplicated on the phone’s file system too.

Album concept does not seem to be fully vetted and designed in a consistent manner.

Thanks - will take a look.

I am taking a guess that you are an Android user? Androids greatest strength and weakness are the exact same feature. How customizable and open Android can be.

Since any user and any carrier can and does use different paths and programs to manage the media on their device and they rarely use the prescribed or suggested standards from Android, it makes it tough to code for since you have literally no idea where to look.

And of course Android mucks with the defaults with every different version so that does not help. Not sure if those issues are easily overcome any more. I write iOS apps almost exclusively now and the few Android apps I work on don’t use media files.

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Yes Android:
I hear you. But given the size of the market it would seem that the Wyze app designers working on the apps would know these things and give us a way to customize the media path in a config file tab to copy and paste the link in to a data structure so the app is always getting it from the right place.
I am seeing occasional other kinds of related android issues too when trying to use the standard phone apps to play media files. Sometimes using the exact same Wyze firmware and app version I will get a message like “unsupported audio codec” from just one of my cam’s recording files and will get no sound for specific files. I’d have guessed that they would be consistently working or not working. across all the CAMs.

Now seeing another effect too now that I found where the android is putting the media files - that is, sometimes the file names are very cryptic and long names that look almost like MS WIndows style of registry entries (sans the dashes) rather than an intuitive ASCII text encoded date-time stamp with MP4 file extension type. I myself am a seasoned old school software and firmware designer but some of this stuff just leaves me scratching my head in befuddlement. Looks like Wyze is changing their file naming conventions on the fly and I worry about backwards comparability of older files - esp in the codec support. Seems like there’s a high risk of orphaning some of the old video files as new versions are released both by Wyze and by Android.

hope Wyze is not caching somewhere on their servers the file names we use locally and leaving us exposed to accidental data mining hackers. Have no idea what might happen to such a scheme if we rename the files locally or move the files to our own smart phone large format SD Card storage to free up “phone” working memory/RAM.
Sorry to ramble on - just happy to be able to talk shop with another tech geek.

No worries, there are actually a bunch of tech types on here! The Android file system is a mess. And yes Wyze uses several naming conventions. Typically depends on what the clips came from. Photos, Recorded Clips from Playback, Temp cache files, Time Lapse, Motion Detection and CMC clips etc. It gets crowded after awhile for sure.