Wyze Cam Outdoor: where can I find recordings I made manually

Nothing in the camera’s album.

In your device (phone, tablet) gallery or album. Manual recordings are saved there to your device, not to the camera.

I thought so too but that does not seem to be the case. Made two recordings from the same WOC and neither are there.

Are you sure they saved? On Android, I manually save a clip in app, then exit the app and go into google photos,. Then I see my recording in a “manual” folder on my phone.

Any @Mavens able to point us to the iOS spot to see manual recordings? Thx!

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Android users here so . . . Found the cam uses different directory. Search around for something other then camera album. e.g. Movies, Download, Music Screenshots, Wyze.
Android example: \Phone\Wyze\document\cpan_f199400c42a8662d\Image\Snapshot

They apparently did not. Did I miss a step? Hit record. Watched the timer tick away the seconds. Then stopped the recording. Did nothing after that but look for the recording.

Where are you looking for them? On android, open google photos, then go to library, and you should see a few different directories… at least one of them will be where wyze stored your recordings. On my phone, there are at least 3 directories, /storage/emulated/0/Wyze/documents/cpan_f199400c42a8662d/manual is where it puts my manually recorded videos/images from my wyze v2 cams.

If I go back a bit in a file browser, I see that inside the /storage/emulated/0/Wyze/documents folder there is a folder named wcop_64667b23686dfe35 which is probably the root folder for recordings from the wyze outdoor cam. There is also a folder named dbfw_b443060a3e8a086d which contains images and videos from the wyze doorbell. And there is a folder named “image” which contains images taken during the setup of my thermostat.

I’m an IOS user. When I manually record on any camera the video(s) or photo(s) go to my main camera roll. You can also find them in an album called “Wyze” in the (IOS) photos app.
If you see a “saved to album” message after you take the photo or stop the recording, it should be saved.


I also struggled with finding recording and found my recordings in the DCIM/wyze subfolder.