Android 13 Use on SD Card

I have a TB card in my A13 tablet. Yet, wyze keeps filling my internal storage. I can’t move the app (to be specific, Wyze app didn’t enable moving to SD). Is there a work around? I’m tired of this sort of problem in 2024.

The camera is filling your phone memory with what? Normally the phone app is not recording video to your phone at all - unless you specifically request it.

It’s the downloads of video and any photo snaps, especially off the 128GB cards that I have in the cameras. It would be a lot easier to write to the SD card and have 512 of breathing room.

You could find a trustworthy app that can automatically move the files once every week or whatever.

Most phones sold today don’t even have sd card support so I don’t think Wyze will support them. Although, never know. I just wouldn’t expect it anymore. If devices were increasing support of sd card then most likely but its sadly going the other way and its almost fully gone.

If you wanted USB-C storage then that’s possible on all but I don’t think Wyze will care as its so annoying to use.

(Also, I don’t feel they should. In the future, if Google for example changes things again, then Wyze would have extra work to do and they’re already in a tight money spot. Each and everything they pile on causes further money bleeding because of Google and Apple continually breaking and changing things. As a user only, you don’t see that aspect.)