Cameras not saving to local SD

I helped a friend install two Wyze Cams this weekend. I have 5 at home and I’m quite familiar with their use, but I cannot for the life of me get hers to record to the local SD card. She purchased two cams and two 64GB Sandisk SD cards. The cards show up, you can format them, and they show 59.59/59.59GB free space. Local recording is turned on for continuous recording, however nothing is recording at all. Any pointers? I was thinking an SD issue, but when I’ve encountered them in the past they never allowed formatting and they didn’t show the proper amount of free space.

New camera here as well and bought the WYZE sd card bundle 32 gb.
No errors, but neither EVENTS or CONTINUOUS do anything. Playbook says no video at the selected time. is the firmware in it. The app on the phone has all updates.

Yup that’s the same error I’m getting. Doesn’t matter if it’s event or continuous, just says no video.

I’d like to get more, it has a great picture for 25 bucks. However time is money and i am not wasting a bunch of mine on what should be a straight forward, bugless feature. Cameras have been recording to removable media for 15+ years, not rocket science there Wyze

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