Android: Allow App to be moved from Phone Storage to SD card

I am still using a older Galaxy S5. The Wyze app can’t be move the the SD card, My Phone is running low on memory. The SD card in the phone has plenty. I just want to have the WYZE app moved to the Card. It is apparently marked as none movable. Please change this.

Please enable installation of the Wyze app to a phone’s expansion card.
Phones are stuffed full of bloatware and we can’t all root our phones. So the wyze app plus daily recordings pretty well fills upo the phone and demands daily maintenance to recover space. If we could install the app to an expansion card, this would help both record videa o AND save space for other things we have to do with our phones. Failure to allow installation to an expansion card is the number one issue that put me off (and still puts me off) Wyze products.