Wyzecam app needs to be better and 5ghz needs support

I want to be able to save the video from my sd card into my phone without having to take out from the camera and using my computer. I mean I could view the playback but I can’t save it to my phone? I cant even delete the videos from my phone. Even on the viofo a129s that has wifi lets you do these basic things. I am sure its more of it being built into the app then hardware support.

Another question is how come 5 Ghz support isn’t available? I don’t have anything wifi connected that supports 2.4GHz so I never had turned that on but I have multiple devices connected via 5 Ghz. wyzecam needs to add support for 5 GHz. Does anyone know if 5 Ghz support is coming? I do like the wyzecam but those 2 main things are what would make it perfect for me.


The only way at this time to save SD card video is to tap the Record button while it is playing back. This saves the recording to the Wyze album on your phone in real time. There is a #wishlist topic on this: Direct access to SD card with download ability. You can vote for it by clicking the VOTE button at the top of the topic.

There is also a #wishlist topic for 5GHz support that you can vote for: Support 5GHz wifi band for Wyze Cams.


Thats been asked since 2018 :frowning: I hope it really does happen. I sure would love the ease of using my phone to delete/ save videos to my phone and 5 Ghz support would truly be bomb as like I did mention I have no need for 2.4Ghz and it was shut off before because I had no use for it.

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There’s a practical reason for using 2.4GHz and one of those being it has increased range over 5GHz. The 5GHz band has far more trouble penetrating through solid objects.

While the 5GHz band does have the benefit of increased bandwidth, with the small amount of data that a Wyze Cam would transmit while streaming, there’s really no need for that extra bandwidth.

Third reason is that 2.4GHz hardware is cheaper than a dual band/5GHz chipset. This would cause the cost of the camera to go up for no practical benefit.

The only drawback that I can foresee with the 2.4GHz band (besides crowding of the spectrum) is if you had all other devices on 5GHz and you wanted to cut the 2.4GHz band off.

But still, the two don’t overlap. They’re separate frequency bands, so they’re not interfering with each other, per se.

Remember that 5GHz does have many benefits, but not always. A perfect example is in my bedroom. I get faster speeds and a more stable connection when using the 2.4GHz band.


I have bought 3 viofo products and I never even heard of there company and heck I even bought Yi 4k(before 4k+ was out) & Yi 4k+ action camers over gopro because they do the same thing or almost as good as the gopro. If the product is good and its worth it I don’t care bout the price. I would buy it as long as its reasonable. The viofo a129s is only $179 and its worth it and it records in 1080p which is good for most ppl or ppl like me. I don’t need ultra 4k recording because its just to do basic things like record at a good rate and not be choppy etc… I would gladly pay wyzecam around $80-100 if they could add 5 Ghz support. 2.4 Ghz is piss poor over my house and I live in a 2 store condo where I get better signal+ my full 1Gbps internet connection( which is rated at 940down and something upload) I have verizon fios. I could not even reach more then 260 Mbps with the 2.4 Ghz and my internet connection was buggy. I know I am not talking bout internet speed with the wyzecam but I have a feeling I would get a much smoother connection since wyzecam works only via wifi. I have just tried this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LX7PRMQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and it doesn’t work. Won’t connect to my 2.4 or my 5 ghz and I have tried resetting my router/ the cam and it wont connect so I just returned it. If its worth it I am more then willing to pay a little extra. I cant install full set of camera security system because my condo won’t allow me to have cameras showing outside but if its inside its fine(according to my HOA) and I have no way of mounting the full set camera in my house because they are bulky. I did mount the security camera outside but I got a letter stating I need to not have it showing. It was a pain in the butt even letting fios installing internet in here because the ONT boxes are outside but eventually I had fios installed. If I hadn’t a need for cameras to be from the mounting indoors and showing out of my house I would just install the full set of cameras outside but I have no option and this is good for the price but I wish they would add that 5Ghz connection and the accessing sd card to this camera. I am sure it would make it a lot better.

Oh I have bought 3 wyzecam products to. I have 2 pan and 1 wyzecam the cube.

I hope the new update is to download the video because recording the video is not ideal as it would take very long to record a whole day worth of video. Its important to save the hole video instantly depending on your internet connection because time is money as they say and I don’t have 24h to record a 24h footage and play it back. I really do hope this new update brings that feature.

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I think it said that it did when I upgraded mine. That and the sense bridge LED toggle… but no person/car detection yet.

I upgraded my software and I don’t have an option to download the video directly to my phone but record it which I already had the option for before. Like I mention I don’t have 24H to download a 24H footage because the playback feature on the wyze sucks and I hate taking the sd card from my camera. For some ppl other then me its not ideal as they put it in places where its not accessible.

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