Serious need for 5ghz

I am sure most of us have crowded 2.4ghz transmitters surrounding us. Can WYZE strongly consider 5ghz cams. I think it would help with many of the connection problems. Less congestion



5GHz doesn’t have longer range.

In fact, 5GHz has less range, and gets blocked by more things than 2.4GHz.

It is true though that 2.4GHz is crowded.

Right, 5G is generally shorter range. How big a deal that is depends on the obstacles.

5G has higher bandwidth and we’re talking about a high-bandwidth app (streaming video). Having the hardware to do both 5G and 2G would be perfect. If you need the range of 2G, great. If you have 5G in sight, perfect. Easier to send the streams - and far less crowded.

I don’t know about the space requirements for the radios or what it would do to the cost of the unit, but it surely would be a nice option!

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a dual band cam, but Wyze don’t make the hardware themselves… These guys made it:

Yep. From:

WyzeCam licensed the same industrial design as the XiaoFang. That is why they look the same from outside. However our solution is from ground up, including a new app, new firmware, and AWS cloud solution to store alert videos. It is not possible to flash a XiaoFang camera to be compatible with the Wyze App.
It would seem that they are saying that they have full control over the platform at this point. And even if they don't, at these volume one would assume that they would have enormous influence over the hardware evolution.

I agree!! I purchased the ORBI WiFi system and it combines the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz signals. I had relocated my old router/modem to add the 500mb and the Wyze camera was too far from router. Now I have whole house coverage but am unable to use my Wyze Cam. Its a shame because I really like the resolution and features of Wyze. I hope they can add the 5 GHz.

I recently installed an Orbi RBK22, exclusively available at Costco right now. My v1 WyzeCam had no trouble connecting at 2.4GHz and I am getting excellent signal strength throughout my house and even outdoors (I have steel siding on my house). My Ring Doorbell and Ring Spotlight Cams have never worked better.

You might want to re-check your Orbi installation.

I too would like to see 5GHz. The newer routers put out enough/more power so that the range for 5GHz is almost as good as 2.4GHz. The real big reason I want 5GHz is to get away from interference from the microwave.


Just got my first pair of v2’s yesterday. Took a few attempts to get them to finally connect but they seem to be holding strong now. I deployed the new Eero system last fall and so far getting a good signal from both units in the house.

I know all the mesh style systems are a bit different so anyone with Eero with strong signal should hopefully be ok.

It was probably overkill for my house, but I was getting a ton of interference. Using a wifi signal meter I could see a significant change in the problem areas of my house before and after installing the Eeros. Not sure it cures the congestion issue, but it just made my signal top dog inside my own house lol

If you’re having issues install one of the wifi meter apps on your cell phone and go walk to where the camera is. See what else is in the area. You might be surprised, it also may help you find another spot nearby to move the camera with less interference and a stronger signal to your router.