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When is Wyze going to accept 5g networks

I assume you mean the 5.0 GHz wi-fi network and not the 5G phone service. Why do you want 5.0 GHz, wi-fi ? yes it is faster but the range is shorter than the 2.4 GHz network. I guess it depends how far away your camera is located from the modem/router and all the obstacles (walls) are in the way between the cam and router.

2.4 GHz is longer range, yes, but ridiculously overcrowded and horrible at handling this overcrowding. The reason no 5 GHz is definitely parly some range issues, but also that 5 GHz radios are more expensive and challenging to engineer into the system (though this is not rocket science), that’s why no one supports them really in the IoT space. They just keep cramming more and more devices on a old school wi-fi system that can’t handle this many devises. It also used to be that 5 GHz was not had by many people, but it’s so commonplace now that I would venture (with no statistics researched to back my up) that 5 GHz market penetration is extremely good now. Nearly all wi-fi routers have had 5 GHz in them of some sort for many years now. And wi-fi 6 handles all these minor devices even better, but, and I could be wrong here, most of that happens on the 5 GHz side AND the devices need to support that standard to make use of those benefits.

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I use my 5.0 GHz home network for everything except my WYZE gear and one Roku device that says the signal is low but it still works.

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You may want to take a look at this #wishlist item:

It’s important to remember that this would require many hardware changes so it’s not a high possibility.