Wyze would sell more V3 cameras if they didn't need to have power recycled periodically

I confess, I can’t argue for or against trusting them as sole security because I can’t get interested enough in hard security.

Their old refrain, use the cams to ‘keep an eye on things,’ is how I’ve always and still use them and this suits me perfectly. They give me a rough sense of what’s going on around me in the neighborhood and that’s exactly what I want. Even the ‘misses’ inherent in the 5 minute cool-down with Cam Plus Lite don’t bother me. *

I may not be a good example, or maybe there’s a big segment just like me, I don’t know. I would like to know, but I don’t. And I try to keep the following in mind:

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 * I also use SD cards in the cams to record Events locally (no cool-down) but there are no notifications generated by SD Events.