WYZE Wifi Smart Plugs stop working, slow blue flashing, FIXED!

The short story: If your WYZE devices (original smart plugs) stop working or go offline, try rebooting your router.

The long story:
I have 2 of the original WYZE Plugs, not the newer blue tooth version.
I bought them new 2 months ago.
Set up was counterintuitive to the directions, but I got them set up on the WYZE app and ALEXA.
After a month of use they both stopped working at the same time. I had to delete them from the WYZE app and set them up again. After another month they both stopped working again, this time showing a slow blue light flashing. The app showed them as offline. This time I could not get them set up. The app showed connected but blue light flashing and neither responded to WYZE app or Alexa commands.

Since they both stopped working at the same time, I thought it must be something common to both. My router? The router has not caused any interruption for all my other wireless devices; 2 mobile phones, 2 PC’s, Ring Doorbell, 2 Gosund Smart Bulbs, Google Home, Echo Show. And the 2 WYZE plugs are closer to the router than most of the other devices.

Regardless, I rebooted my wifi router. Then set up the WYZE plugs again. They are now working.

What I don’t understand is why the WYZE plugs are the only devices out of 11 that go offline and need a router reboot? Not very dependable devices if they are used for home security when you’re on vacation.

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I just submitted a support question on this issue. WYZE support is responding that it is an error code 90. WYZE solutions at this point require you to be physically at the location where the device is located to ‘power cycle’ the device, which is just techtalk for unplug it and plug it back in, or if that doesn’t work to do a ‘factory reset’, more techtalk to push the button on the side, which then requires a complete set up. These solutions require you to be at the location where the device is. What if you’re thousands of miles away on vacation and depending on these device for home security? un-WYZE.

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