Wyze Smart Plug Stopped Working

I have a WYZE Smart Plug, Model WLPP1CFH and sometime tonight it stopped working. I got it because I have mobility issues, and my main lamp is across the room, so I figured why not. It would make it easier and less painful for me to turn off the light at the end of the day, and have it set to turn on when I got home, which was a fun feature to play with.

I’ve only had it for about 2.5 weeks and it’s stopped working. I’ve looked through different threads here and tried resetting it, tried connecting it to my phone’s hotspot, however the problem is that it doesn’t even show upon my list of devices that can connect to my bluetooth. I see my printer, my headset, other peoples devices around me oddly enough, but not the plug. I even tried it in a different outlet, thinking maybe there was an issue with the outlet, but not only does the lamp plug in normally and work, the WYZE plug doesn’t work in other outlets. All it does is fast-blink the blue light.

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It seems that it has lost its mind! You probably need to do a factory reset and reinstall.

Don’t delete it from your app.

Plug it in and hold the button down for a while until you hear it click. Then you should get a slow blue blink. You can then run a new Add Device Setup.

When it installs, DON’T LET IT UPDATE THE FIRMWARE if it asks. Instead, close that popup or just close the app and reopen the app. Don’t open the plug in the app. Just toggle the Off\On from the device list to make sure it clicks and that you have a solid blue status light.

If all is working you can then open it and allow any available firmware updates.

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I had done a reset already, and it still won’t show up in my bluetooth device list. When I did it, and let go, it kept clicking and slow blinking, then once it stopped clicking it would fast blink again.

I also never got a notice that anything was updating, so it either auto-updated, or I just haven’t received that notif yet.

I will give it another go in case I didn’t do it right.

I wouldn’t worry about it showing up in your Bluetooth device list when installing it. Just make sure your Bluetooth and GPS is on when you start the install add device from within the app.

If you are getting the slow blue blinks, that is when it is in pairing\install mode. You have to use the app to do the install while it does this. If you wait too long it will time out and start fast blinking again.


I have the same issue, blinking light with WLPP1CFH model. Have two of them, one works, the other does not.

Held button until slow blink
Followed app instructions
When it says to connect to device’s wifi nothing ever shows in wifi list.
Eventually it times out and rapid blinking again, tried several time, no luck.

Is there a hard reset? Tried holding for 30 seconds to do a 30/30/30 No luck

I’ve had this same kind of issue and it was simply that my phone with the app on it was connected to my 5G and NOT my 2.4 WiFi connection. Once I changed my phones connection to 2.4 everything worked as expected. You might want to give it a try just to verify that your phone or whatever you use for the app is connected the the correct WiFi and has Bluetooth turned on.

Using a Linksys G router on 2.4. But the other one is connected fine.
Also this plug generates its own WiFi ssid and you connect to it with your smart phone and it gets configured that way.
I also tried connecting to it with an old iPhone 6 just in case my 14 pro was too new.
No success. Probably died already. Will have to order more.

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It really depends on which version of the plug you are trying to install.

The Version 1 (pre 2021) plugs, the ones without the CFH Key symbol on the back, do use a self generated WiFi and can be difficult to attach since the phone has to log into that WiFi device. However, your phone does NOT like WiFi networks without internet access. When it tries to connect and sees that the WiFi has no internet, it will immediately default back to data on the LTE cell signal network. This won’t work to transfer the setup data because it is going to the wrong place.

Solution: Shut off your Data Service in the phone when you do the install.

The 2021 and 2022 plugs are an easier install as they connect by BLE (Bluetooth) and don’t have the issue of data transfer switching by the phone. However, they do have an issue sometimes with Firmware update immediately after install. But, that can be solved as well.

My extra iPhone 6 does not have cellular service, I was using Wi-Fi only, it still didn’t see it.
No it didn’t even show up in the list of available Wi-Fi let alone try to connect to it.

The plug may not have wifi…it may be bluetooth. Depends on how old it is. The newer plugs use bluetooth as @SlabSlayer stated above. If it is a newer one you will NEVER see any wifi for it.

So, on the back of the plug, is there a black key symbol? If so, is there a 2022 printed on the plug?