Wyze plug updates

Continuing the discussion from Wyze Smart Plug Stopped Working:

I have a similar problem. I have 9 Wyze plugs. All but 2 are working fine. The 2 not working are from Christmas lights so no update. Tried deleting g and reading but I think they need updates first. Can’t get it to pair and fast blinking blue light only. What to do?

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The plugs should pair and install even with the old firmware currently installed.

Some considerations:

  1. Make sure your app device is logged into the 2.4Ghz band of the router. Depending on your network make\model\config, this may help.
  2. Make sure your app device has the Bluetooth and GPS enabled prior to install. Your Bluetooth must be available to pair! If you already have something actively paired it needs to be kicked off first. My phone only pairs with one BT at a time so I have to make sure my BT headset and speakers are off.
  3. Factory reset the plugs by holding down on the manual on\off button until they click and reset. (I did this several times)
  4. Keep your phone close to the plug for the Bluetooth pair.
  5. Start the install in the app after the plug resets and starts a slow blue blink.
  6. Do NOT update the firmware after install. If you can’t cancel it, Exit the app entirely.
  7. Wait until you get a solid blue light on the plug.
    When you get the solid blue light, Open the app. Look for the newly installed plug. Don’t open it or you will get the firmware pop-up again. If it isn’t there, the plug light should be blinking fast and another reset reinstall is required. If the light is solid blue and you don’t see the device, refresh the app.
  8. Click the plug power button next to the device icon in the home screen on and off without opening it to test that there is a good install and the plug is operational. If not - reset and reinstall.
  9. If it is working, open the plug and confirm the update. BE VERY PATIENT. It takes some time.