Wyze (White) Bulb lost its warm white LED

I received a Wyze Bulb just under a year ago as a gift. I like Wyze products. I own a few cameras and even the stick vacuum.

A week ago I noticed the light output didn’t look right. Turns out the warm white LED had died and only the cool white LED was working. Regardless of the temperature I set, the output is always cool white. If I set the temperature to 2700K, the bulb is completely dark.

Firstly, has anybody else had this experience?

Secondly, and to vent for a moment, I contacted support BUT because the bulbs were a gift from almost a year ago, I have no proof of purchase. I did send a screen shot of the bulb’s info from the app but warranty requires proof of purchase. So I’m just out of luck. That’s pretty frustrating. Has anybody else experienced that as well? I feel like if I register the bulb, it’s in my app, I can physically prove that I have the bulb, that’s should be sufficient. But, instead of a warranty replacement, I’m just left with disappointment.