Wyze web app not loading at work, but it loads from home computer

The web app displays this forever and never loads cameras. When i use my home computer everything loads fine. Why wont it work at work? it worked forever and about a month ago stopped and only does this now.

Also i talked to the support team and there was no help. All they recommended were things i already tried myself this is directly from them:
-Make sure you are using a compatible browser. Wyze Web View is -compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Edge.
-Try using an incognito window.
-Try using a different web browser.
-Clear the cache on your web browser.
-Refresh the page or try again after waiting about an hour.

Nothing works and im getting frustrated

First guess if this is on a work computer using the work network is that that your IT department is now blocking it.

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As someone who used to be responsible for managing a corporate firewall, my first guess would’ve been exactly what @K6CCC suggested.