Web View Will Not Load

App has previously never failed to load. Now, I get the spinning beachball (Macbook Pro/Mojave) followed by an error message. I have deleted the cache and rebooted. App on iPhone is running fine. Is this a univeesal problem or uniquely mine?

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The app does not work on a MacBook, where are you seeing the spinning beachball?

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Which MacBook are you using. I don’t believe Wyze has ever said the app would work on anything other than a mobile device. I recall individuals having success with the new M1 chipped MacBooks, but that has been hit or miss at times.

Have you seen something which indicates the App works on a MacBook?

Asking as I have the older MacBook, but have not tried it there yet.


The app has been working flawlessly on my Mac until yesterday.

Are you using Web View with a browser or the Android Wyze app with an Android emulator?


Web View with a browser. Traditionally, Safari, but when this problem arose I have also tried Firefox.

I just checked to see if it would come up for me. It took a little bit but it did finally come up. I am using my Chromebook with Google Chrome.


It just came back up. Weird Thanks for the attempts to help.

Glad you got it, and happy forum anniversary!

Now its gone again. Gotta be something at Wyze. Guess I will just have to be patient. I miss the full screen view!

This is down for me on PC as well. Using a fully updated version of Edge I get the following after completing the login and robot check

Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized

I have tried clearing cache and cookies and all browser data. Something is broken.

Try logging into Wyze.com, then view.Wyze.com


You are a legend! That worked. Hopefully they can get the auth system figured out and add 2FA.

2fa is already a feature. You can enable it in your account.


Now unfortunately none of my cameras will stream for more then 3 seconds. They work fine in the app, but in web view I get about 3 seconds from the time/date over lay and they freeze.

This morning the live view in web browser won’t load my camera, but when I try using the IOS app on my iphone the webcam loads just fine, so I know it’s not a problem with the camera or my network. There is something wrong with the web live viewer.
Also I did try clearing my cache and cookies, restarting the browser and all of that stuff. Still won’t load. So there is something wrong on wyze’s side.

ok, it’s working now. :woman_shrugging:

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