Wyze watch so far is a disappointment

I was so excited to have received the long-awaited Wyze watch last week. But my experience has gone downhill ever since.

First off, the watch fails to pair with my iPhone. Repeated reboots of both the phone and the watch did not improve the situation a bit. I managed to pair them manually. Or so I believe as I can get the watch vibrate by choosing “find my watch” from the app. But the watch stays on the pairing mode and displays nothing but the QR code. I’ve opened a support request since the weekend, but I have not received much help at this moment.

Did anybody experience anything like this?

one thing to keep in mind is though it may look like an Apple watch it is not an Apple watch. however what I do find useful of this $20 watch are the notifications from the phone, txt msg email, who is calling, other apps, the oximeter is a gimmick as it’s not very useful, it was a cool idea but it really comes down to if you’ve been tested once and your oxygen level is below 90 chances are your doctor knows, checking it everyday is not a useful metric… I find the heart rate monitor checking every 5 minutes is a great idea however I feel it’s exaggerated or I must really have hypertension so I will look into that with my doctor… I also feel the steps are a little exaggerated as well, but all in all for 20 bucks I like it. would be great if they spent just a little extra time and added functions for controlling audio example listening to Pandora being able to skip songs and see titles.

would have also been an awesome thing if they could display at least a static Cam image of an event of not stream it

I am jealous that yours at least is working;-)

Makes no sense that it doesn’t track heart rate. Mine only tracks it if I open the heart rate app but no trending throughout the day or when I exercise.
I noticed that one person said theirs logs every 5 minutes is there something I need to do to activate it?

Hi @pshkedy and welcome to the community forum. :slightly_smiling_face:
Under settings on the watch it will monitor your HR ever 5 minutes. When it sync to the app you can see the HR under Data and view the min/max HR per hour.

HI @ONjOlt Compared the watch heart rate with my home Blood Pressure machine and with the machine at my medical doctor office yesterday, both times it was +/- a few beats.