Wyze Watch - No Notification from WhatsApp Calls


I just started using my Wyze Watch today and everything seems very nice, except that it does not shows notifications when people call me through WhatsApp. Is it also happening with you all?

iPhone 12 mini, 47 mm watch, all notifications turned on. Calls notifications and all other notifications seems to work ok.

Thank you!

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I’ve had the watch for nearly a week (6 days) and continue to have the same problems.

Steps are 1000s short of actual activity. I can walk for hours without recording a single step on the Wyze watch while my Oura ring and Hband watch have no problems.

The only notifications reported are phone calls. All others are allowed.

Sleep data reported on the app does not correspond with that reported on the watch. The data on the watch is more accurate than that on its application but differs from that reported by the Oura ring, Hband watch, and ResMed sleep monitor. I don’t expect exact correspondence but something somewhat similar.

Wyze data is reported on the Google Fit application. I don’t think that the Watch is defective but I do suspect that the app and the firmware needs work.


Up to ask if anyone could try and say if you are able to receive WhatsApp call notification on your Wyze Watch, 44 or 47, iOS or Android.

Thank you!

Regarding sleep data, I found that if I check the watch sleep button during the night, it aborts or shorthens the data, I go back to sleep, but the app shows up to the time I touch the button. I have stopped checking inprocess tracking and all is ok. I also find it best to let the watch sync with the app before I check the data.

I have not had any whatsapp notifications either.

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Thanks. I still didn’t receive any answer from Wyze on this matter. I believe the WhatsApp calls notification is a deal breaker for some people, as it is for me, so I’ll keep you posted.

I selected both Wyze apps showing in my notifications, and now I am receiving lots of notifications. Weather updates, txt messages, WhatsApp. Messages show contact name.

Can you clarify where you selected both Wyze apps?

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As I worked through the set up, and following suggestions from other posts, I’m sure there were 2 Wyze apps showing for me to allow notifications. When I just looked again, there was only one. So, honestly I’m not sure. Sorry for the confusion.

I have the same problem…None WhatsApp notifications on my iphone x, no call, no messages and no answer for wyze

Same problem. Whatsapp message notifications working but call notifications are not working. Missed call notifications are working though. Tried resetting & restarting but still no luck.

Android ;One time i was sleeping and my phn ringing alot of phon calls when i wake up suddenly wyze show whatsapp call notification and u can decline from the watch . Now i bought iphon 12pro but still no whatsapp call notfication