Wyze watch 47: no notifications from Wyze stuff

hey gang, two-three issues here. they might be partially related.
My wyze watch 47 connected to iOS. I’m running the latest Wyze app, the watch is on firmware 0.12.43, and i have all the toggles in iOS as well as in the wyze app and on the watch itself set to allow notifications. i’ve done multiple combinations of reboots, updates etc. to see if it solves the problem.

  1. I get notifications for Gmail, messenger, etc. but for some reason, i don’t get notifications for the Wyze app! Seriously. the reason i bought the watch was to have quick dedicated notifications for when cameras, doorbell, etc. triggered. it used to do it for the first ~week i had the watch

  2. do not disturb seems to turn on automatically and randomly, which may be why i’m not getting notifications for some of the time, but even when it’s off, the wyze stuff doesn’t come in.

  3. it’s inconsistent as to whether it vibrates or not on a notification. some of them it will, sometimes it will, sometimes it it wont.