Wyze watch 47 notification ability is not good

Watch 47 email notifications not good. All correct settings on iPhone X and watch triple checked, watch restarted reset with no change. 1. Watch shows no new notifications in morning or a few times during day until I open up wyze app on iPhone and then they connect. 2. Sometimes notifications don’t come until I open email on phone or do something else on phone. Often notifications come in clusters one after the other. I expect to get and see the email on my watch right after it comes to phone. That is how it worked on my pebble and most other good smart watches.

All things Wyze watch are not good. I’ve posted about it a number of times but at this point mine is just sitting on my night stand waiting for a firmware update that makes it worth wearing.

I don’t have any suggestions for your specific issue as I use Android. However, on Android that sort of behavior is due to the battery optimization features being enabled for the app. Perhaps check to see if there is something similar that you can disable for the app in IOS?

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I know people always say mine is working fine but mine is. I am on iOS and mine works pretty good. I have times when it’s gotten disconnected but usually that’s when I have walked away from my phone and gotten out of range. But I’d say I get at least 95-99% of my notifications. It’s not perfect, of course, but for the price I am satisfied.

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here is a link to a post where an iOS user reported what they did to get notifications on the watch 47:

May want to look at it.

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