Wyze Watch increased more noticeable vibrations

I noticed the vibration notifications are the watch are weaker and less noticeable than on the wyze band. On the band you will get two “buzzes” as opposed to only one buzz on the watch. If this could be increased to two buzzes like the band it would be much more noticeable for alerts.

Agreed, I’d like a stronger vibration too or the double vibration


Or Customizable level / pattern would be nice.


I assumed my watch was disconnected since I hadn’t felt a notification for a day… But then checked and saw I had multiple notifications. The vibration is so unnoticable and could use improvements.
I would love the option to set different vibration patterns/strengths per kind of notification.

Didn’t even know the watch supported vibrations until I saw the software release notes.
Watch receives notifications perfectly but never has it vibrate a single bit.

Is this a hardware defect? Not sure how Wyze customer service is to get his replaced.

Got the watch replaced and the vibrations do work. Guess got a defective version.

Somehow I miss the current default notification vibration a lot. It would be nice if each app you enable had a “Short” and “Long” where you could enable 0-3 vibrations, the default being Short 1 Long 0. If both are selected the Short count would vibrate first then the Longs. This would make the notification more noticable and let you know if you got a txt message or if it was your frontdoor camera app without looking.

Just changed from another smart watch and the vibration is considerably subtler. Constantly missing notifications now.

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I saw a few older posts on a similar topic, but didn’t see anything in the roadmap about it so I thought I would put this here to bring it up fresh again.
I just picked up a Watch 47 and overall it does exactly what I was looking for, but the one complaint I have is the vibration is so subtle as to be completely unnoticeable.
Is there any plan to either add an option for a stronger vibe, or at least choose from various different patterns with a longer duration to make it more noticeable?

Since this complaint has been here for over a year, I am guessing the hardware doesn’t support stronger vibrations. I owned the watch for over a year but missed too many alarms/notifications. So two weeks ago I went back to wearing an Amazfit and have no regrets. The Wyze 47 is amazing for what it does for the price; but for a few more bucks you’ll be happier with a different product.

I figured they probably couldn’t make the vibe stronger, but I would think they could at least support either a longer one or patterns of some kind. Something to make it a little more noticeable.

I fired up my watch47 a month or so ago after having not used it for over a year. I expected atleast one firmware update, but got none. Wyze tends to release these products and then stop improving them. I agree that did the price it is great, but I too switched back to Amazafit for more functionality.