Watch Timers - add vibration when they go off

When a timer is set on the watch there is no vibration to alert you that time is up. The wearer has to constantly look at their watch to see the status of the timer. Please add a vibration (or option to add vibration) for timers like there is for alarms!

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@proteusfactor Welcome to the community! I moved your #wishlist submission to this category because this feature is already available on the watch. The timer already vibrates on both the 44mm and 47 mm watch. If yours isn’t working, you may want to see if your watch firmware is up to date.

Thanks, but I was actually directed here by support! They told me that timers do not currently vibrate, only alarms. My firmware is also up to date, it did one update as soon as I received it and after checking last night there was not any newer firmware available. I did another test of a 1 minute timer and can confirm it still does not vibrate when a timer completes. Should I reach back out to support? I’m not sure which of you is correct! I can provide the ticket # if that helps.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @proteusfactor!
The watches definitely vibrate when the timer is done as @StopICU33 said. Maybe the support person was mistaken.
Does your watch vibrate for other notifications?

Yes, and it also vibrates when an alarm goes off. Maybe some other issue then?

Is this a 47mm or 44mm watch?Are you sure the firmware is updated. Threats the only think I can think of that might cause this.

47mm, and yes it is up to date - firmware v 0.12.37, the Wyze app (android beta) says there is not a newer version available

I found that the watch will keep vibrating if the screen is on when the timer hits 0:00, so it kinda works. If the timer hits 0:00 when the screen is off, it will vibrate very lightly once, it is really easy to miss. The watch is on version 0.12.37.

I’m feeling it vibrate with the screen on now, but that seems like it would rarely be the case. I can make a new thread if you like, but that functionality seems backwards to me. It makes more sense to have vibration alerts when the screen is off (more likely for longer timers, when the screen won’t be watched for the entire duration of the timer and the timer may be forgotten) and have smaller or no vibration when the screen is on and theoretically being watched by the wearer.

Yeah, I agree with you. Hopefully the next software update can fix the issue, it seems like a bug more than anything.

Will this thread be counted as a feature/change request then, or should I re-post to make sure it is considered?

Mine doesn’t vibrate either. The odd thing is I think it did when I first started using it. Now I can never tell when the timer goes off.

Same issue for me. Sometimes the watch vibrates when the timer expires, other times it does nothing. One time I noticed it vibrate for a fraction of a second then stop itself.

If you’re having this issue, please send a log.

How To Send A Log In The Wyze App

I tried, but after multiple attempts by the app (Wyze Beta) to retrieve a log it always failed to collect a log file.

Mine does not work either. Makes the timer useless.

Did you have any better luck than I did submitting a log? I haven’t tried since my last post.

My watch has the behavior mentioned earlier on this thread.

If screen is on, the watch will vibrate when the countdown timer ends.

If the screen is off, then the watch will not vibrate when the countdown timer ends.

The vibration should happen weather the screen is on or off.

Can someone from Wyze let us know if this is something that is on the list to be changed, or if there are additional steps we need to take to put this on the list of items to be addressed.

Thank you.


Adding that I just tried a 30 min timer, and was late cause my watch did not vibrate. Fw up to date. Screen was on the whole time, also could not switch to other screens while the timer was on… Had to cancel to get back. Timer function is useless right now.

I would like to also add that I have this same issue with the timer. Useless the way it is now. PLEASE FIX!