47 mm no vibration or audio alert for Notifications?

I finally broke out my old 47mm wyze watch purchased years ago. (The Wyze Band straps “Silicone Skin Burn” was getting too dark).

Now with my 7 month quest to get a leather band for 47 mm over.

I reved it up, charged it up, set it up and updated it.

I now have no idea how to get an alert (vibration or audio) for notifications from my phone or my phones apps (that I gave permission too).

How or where are the alerts aka notifications (vibration or audio) controls hiding n how do I get to them ?

I’ve granted permission to the wyze app n my android phone.

So where are they n how do I get to them, to activate ?

swipe up on the watch and make sure you don’t have do not disturb on. The Bell will be highlighted if it is


I assume you went to the wyze watch troubleshooting and check the items in the article.

A troubleshooting guide or manual?

As an early adapter (Pre order). All I got was a watch with straps attached , the charger and a quick start guide ?

Trouble shooting a product is ever changing. The suggestions and tips might also change over time.

One might think that www.wyze.com would have a link to a support page for a specific product…

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