Wyze Watch 47

I’ve had my watch for a few days now. I have stretch reminders setup for about 8 hours/day. I’m usually within 4’ of my phone during that time, so I don’t think I have a connection issue. However, I’ve only gotten 3 reminders out of the… 32 I should’ve seen so far.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This"smart watch" in it’s current form is just a watch shaped fitness tracker that works worse than a fitness tracker. Still getting about 1000 steps logged while driving for my 30 minute commute each day as well.

I have restarted both, didn’t seem to matter. There is also a warning in the WyzeBeta app when I click the watch. At the top you’ll see it says the bluetooth is off, it’s on all the time. The beta app is also much slower at syncing with the watch. I’m using a Galaxy S21+.

Oh and I have to Authorize Ggogle Fit again

I had never authorized it to begin with so it was the 1st time ever doing that.

I see you are getting a lot of info. Makes me wonder if there isn’t something wrong with the watch itself? I tried my kids Galaxy watch for a day and it sent the info over all day.

So I finally figured out how to get my watch to upgrade firmware – do it while I was off wifi and just on cell data, took 10 min but it upgraded and now works great with newest firmware.

Looks like some notifications fixes. Though I haven’t gotten a firmware update I don’t think.

  • I would agree that watch faces are urgently needed - perhaps open it up to 3rd parties like FitBit?
  • The watch located my city and the temperature agrees with my outside sensor
  • Would like to see more options to control devices other than using the shortcut feature
  • There should be integration with the Wyze Scale
  • More 3rd party app support - would love to be able to sync the data to a GPS app for example
  • O2 reading takes awhile - perhaps a countdown graphic?
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Had my watch for about a week now and generally agree that it in current form it’s less smart watch and more fitness tracker. That being said, I’m not convinced it’s super accurate yet.

Fitness tracking

  • Steps get logged when in the car, although not all the time.
  • No biking option at this time, but would love this.

Sleep Tracking

  • I’ve logged days in which something woke me up from my sleep (loud noise, pets) and didn’t see this consistently logged. Outside of a few discrepancies seems to work fine overall and am happy with this feature.


  • Information density leaves much to be desired. Lots of empty space compared to what was advertised.
  • Scrolling through notifications is very sluggish.
  • Scrolling down to most recent notification (swiping up) leads to a lot of accidental closing of the notification pane. It can be a bit frustrating
  • Would love some kind of sync between phone and watch so you aren’t forced to clear notifications on your phone and your watch.


  • Moving from screen to screen (home screen to data screen, home screen to app screen, etc) is generally “snappy” but jarring.
  • Scrolling throughout feels rough.
  • Not clear indication in the app screen that you can scroll down to reveal the settings screen.
  • For fitness and sleep data screens, it would be cool to be able to compare most recent data to a previous day rather than have to open to phone app. Not a deal breaker but I actually like to compare days.
  • Navigation, although its simple, can sometimes feel inconsistent. For example, from the home screen swiping from left to right reveals the data screen. From there you have the option of swiping right OR left to return to the home screen. The same gestures do not apply on the app screen. Swiping up from the home screen to reveal quick settings only allows you to swipe down (which admitted makes sense and feels natural), while swiping down to reveal the notifications expects you to swipe up, which also functions as your only way to scroll to the newest notification, often closing the pane entirely.
  • Enjoy the UI overall. Simple, clean and not overly complicated.

Watch Faces

  • Agree with most that watch faces are tacky. This is subjective of course, but current designs feel “cheap”.
  • Beyond having more watch face options, or ability to create your own, I would love the ability to at least modify existing watch faces using a basic color picker/editor to match our own palette preferences.


  • No connection issues to report here on Android running Wyze Beta app on Samsung S10e.

Watch Apps

  • I don’t mind the sparse selection currently but hope additional apps or integrations become available such as general distance tracking for those who bike vs run, music play back controls, and possibly integration with phone camera so you can take photos remotely. (Again, personal preferences, but coming from android wear these apps/functionalities were winners in my book)

Phone App

  • Nothing major to report here yet. Like the simple layout for the watch portions of the app, watch faces are easy to swap, data is easy to parse, and watch data syncs pretty quickly.

Overall I’m pretty happy given the price of the watch. I realize how easy it is to gripe about anything you own but given the cost associated with the watch, functionality, and built quality, they are easy for me to overlook. That being said I look forward to the Wyze team adding more features, integrations, and smoothing out the general experience as it pertains to UI and notifications especially.


Can anyone link me to instruction on how to add the Wyze Watch 47 to Google Fit for sleep tracking?

So I’m about 2 weeks into owning this watch so far, since March 26th. So far, I still can’t say much good about it.

The screen already has a scratch in the face. I haven’t even really done anything rough with it yet, so I doubt it’s very scratch resistant.

I’ve worn this watch every night since the 26th and have 3 nights where I apparently didn’t sleep at all (per the app data). I suspect that if you don’t open the app and tsp the watch to complete a sync, that data is simply lost. … Great design there. I still question the accuracy dinner it counted me as asleep for an hour while I was laying down and watching TV.

Still counting about 1000 steps during each of my commutes. Maybe the accelerometer is too sensitive?

The watch hasn’t been able to retrieve weather data all day, even if I open the app and try to pull up weather while the app is open and showing connected by with the watch. Tried a reboot as well, same thing. No idea what’s wrong with it today, but I also can’t say I’m very surprised since everything what with this watch can only be best described as “finicky”.

I’m pretty close to tossing this thing in a drawer and chocking it up as a $20 loss until the software catches up. Definitely ended up recommending to some friends that I had told about this watch while waiting for it after my preordering that they should definitely hold off ordering it, if ever. When the best things a “smart watch” have going for it are “cost” and “battery life”… This means something when it actually performs smart watch functionality, and does so at least somewhat reliably. If I have a device that does pretty much nothing, it should be cheap and not drain the battery… So, expectations met I guess.

Here’s a screenshot of my monthly sleep tracking data. I wore the watch every night this month so far (today is the 21st) and slept between 7 and 8 hours on average. I also made sure to open the Wyze app and go into the watch section everyday to ensure that it was forced to sync the data from the watch (a ridiculous step, if it’s actually needed). This is what the watch recorded:


I am now 24 hrs into wearing my 47.

I have seen by scanning the forums that Blood Oxygen is not scanned automatically, despite the original description. That being said, it also does not appear to sync to Apple Health. My first night of sleep was tracked, as is my heart rate. Why isn’t SPO2 synced?

Yes, there’s only one current digital watch face that I can bear to use, and the only complication it has is steps. The picture one would be OK but it has no complications at all. I really need 24 hour time, date, and a mature design. The standard face is like something Fisher-Price would come up with.

Worse, the sleeping graph on the watch and the graph on my phone don’t match. On the watch, it matches my actual sleeping activity fairly well, but when it’s uploaded to the phone the phone app adds long periods marked “awake” when I was actually asleep. I’ve had a long discussion with support about this in email, complete with pictures of the discrepancies, to no avail.


2021-03-30 08.31.24

Also one night when I woke up around midnight it completely lost the first half of my sleep history, possibly because it started a new “day” while I was awake. I typically go to bed around nine and it showed my going to bed when I fell asleep again just after midnight.

And like @PoconoChuck I wish it would monitor SpO2 periodically the way it does heart rate.

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Had that problem with sync n the sleep but only happens once in awhile and will probably be fixed in future update.
As far as the SpO2 it takes longer (requires more battery) and need to be still for a proper reading. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be clear, my SP02 wish list has two components:

  • periodic checks (not every 10 mins, but perhaps hourly)
  • Syncing to Healthkit on iOS - my phone does not get any SP02 data.

Yes, I came here looking for how to get the Blood Oxygen to sync with Apple Health. It’s odd because the settings on my iPhone seem to have a place to select the data source, but I can’t change it. The other Wyze watch data is showing up.

I am hoping a future update to the WYZE app will add this feature; the data is being collected by the app, so all it needs is the additional hook.

Sounds that you’d like this clean digital watch face. If you set up a custom photo face, then delete the watch from the Wyze app, then finally re-add it back, this “time and date” digital face is displayed.

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