Wyze vs Firewalla

This really has nothing to do with cameras at all, but it’s the best fit I could find.

I recently upgraded my network security, adding a Firewalla purple between my modem and the router.
New devices on the network are automatically put in a group called Quarantine, and normally are restricted from basically anything till I assign them a group and appropriate access rights.
As part of setting this up, I removed the restrictions on the Quarantine group so new devices can connect wherever they like.

I replaced my router because the old one was fundamentally incompatible with the Firewalla.

At that point, my camera base would not connect. Solid yellow even after 24 hours.

Wyze replaced my base. Now I can get to blinking blue, but that’s it. There is no new device showing up on my network, and I’m again stuck, just slightly further down the road.

Any ideas?

Stop oversecuring a home network that’s already well protected by a router? :wink:

I have and use (occasionally) the Firewalla Blue. Supporting my in-laws with it. I was experiencing similar issues with that device it messes with your ARP table and for some reason it hooked into my Samsung TV as being the device which was assigning IPs. I removed Firewalla and all was fine. I unplugged the TV and all was fine, go figure.

With that said, are you indicating that you replaced your Router with the Firewalla Purple as your router?


Thanks for the security advice. I work at home on things not yet patented and trade secret. I’ll forward your advice to our IT pros. (not)

No, the firewalla can’t be a router. It sits between the router and the modem. All traffic goes through the firewalla.

Not having issues with any of the other 30+ devices connected to the system.

I was looking at the Purple and it seemed as if it was available to provide IP’s. Can you set the Firewalla to ignore the Base Station? If I recall, the Blue allowed you to select Devices to monitor or not.

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If your IT people are remotely qualified and they are allowing you to work at home on confidential information, then they would be fools to count on the individual home user to configure networking gear while soliciting advice from random strangers on the Internet. Why not allow them to properly secure it?

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They do not have time or inclination to deal with my wyze gear.
Apparently you don’t have any useful information, so why bother?

I gave you a very specific and informed suggestion exactly appropriate to your situation. If you need help configuring firewall gear to secure corporate assets, it’s your corporation that is responsible to provide you that help.

If, however, your organization’s official stance is to leave it up to you, then there is nothing that can affect your home network through a NAT router unless your equipment is initiating those connections or you have opened ports on the router. The Firewalla, at least to the extent you have described your configuration, is providing neither you nor your organization any additional security.

Similarly, since you say they don’t care, and assuming the device is protecting certain corporate assets (yet why don’t they control it?), there is no reason you should keep your Wyze gear behind the Firewalla rather than directly behind the router. This would likely address your current dilemma.