Wyze Video Doorbell - Wiring Question

Hello Wyze community!

I am very interested in the Wyze doorbell but have a question about the wiring. My current doorbell setup is quite old and I was wondering if you can let me know if it will work with the Wyze VDB.

The outside (button) has two thin wires. But the inside (ring part) has 2 wires that split into 4… Attaching a picture. Will this work with the WVDB? If so, anyone can help with wiring instructions? Much appreciated in advance!

Have a great day!!

It appears that 2 wires are coming from the transformer and the other 2 wires are coming from the doorbell, in separate cables. If that’s the case, it should work as long as the transformer is at least 16v. You would need to connect both wires from the transformer to the doorbell wires. The end result is the Wyze doorbell needs to be connected directly to the transformer.

Home Depot is selling the Wyze doorbell, if you couldn’t get it working, you could return easier.