Wyze video doorbell v2 chime hums when connected

Installed the new video doorbell v2 recently and once everything is connected the chime hums. I’ve tried the alternate wiring instructions but still the same. Has anyone else had and resolved this issue?

Yeah, sometimes if the two wires are touching in any way, the chime will hum. I had this issue personally, using some electrical tape to tape up the parts of the wires that could potentially touch will fix it.

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Thanks for your suggestion…sadly that isn’t it.

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Darn. Sorry.

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What kind of chme are you using? Can you post pictures of your chime wiring? Do you have a second doorbell location? Can you tell us more about your setup? Thanks in advance!

This is the chime. The red wire was connected but in order to stop the hum we had to disconnect it to cut the power to the doorbell.
When we originally installed the doorbell we didn’t attach the chime controller and the humming started. Thinking the controller was needed to stop this noise we attached it following the instructions but the hum continued. Found the alternate wiring instructions on the wyze website and tried that but it still persists. The chime itself worked before the install as well as after the install but we can’t get the hum to stop. I’ve read where others have had to switch out their transformer but those folks said the chime didn’t ring so I’m not convinced that that is the solution.
Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

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Where was the red wire connected to? Removing the red cuts power to the doorbell? Is it in the front or back of the house? What does the wiring at the transformer and at the doorbell look like?

It looks like your front doorbell should still be connected with that green and white wire. Depending where that red wire was connected to, my initial thought was that there’s some type of loop happening.

Obvious disclaimer that I am not an electrician but have lots of experience with Wyze doorbells. Also recommending that you don’t go beyond your level of comfort or knowledge with dealing with electricity, because I don’t want to see you get hurt and or have damage occur somewhere. :slight_smile:

Where was the red wire connected to? Rear Removing the red cuts power to the doorbell? YesIs it in the front or back of the house? **The video doorbell is in the front ** What does the wiring at the transformer and at the doorbell look like

Do you have another doorbell location? I think there is a wiring issue because you removed the rear wire, but the front doorbell location lost power.

Any @Mavens have any ideas here?

Just a hunch here, but I believe the hum is being caused because the Chime is being fed power from the transformer thru the other doorbell, not directly from the transformer. The other possibility is that the power is being sent to the doorbell first rather than thru the chime first, which would mean it is working in reverse.

The wiring issue is at the Transformer IMO.

The rear doorbell hot supply from the chime is Red. The Front doorbell hot supply from the chime is White. The other two wires from the front and rear doorbell should be neutrals returning to the transformer neutral.

The Transformer power to the chime is Green. This should be the single wire connected to the hot side of the transformer feeding the chime and bells with power when the buttons are pressed and the circuit is closed. Yet Green is not connected to the transformer at all. It ties into a Red wire beside the transformer and runs away with a grey wire that looks to be one of three connected Neutrals. One for the front, one for the rear… what is the third?

The only hot wire I see is the single white connected to the hot lug of the transformer which should be connected to the Trans terminal on the Chime Box… But it isn’t. No idea where the white coiled hot is leading off to.

There are too many wires and they aren’t connected where they should be.


Thank you for your input! I guess we’ll concentrate on that mess and see if we can correct it from there.

I would say if you only had one doorbell location, there is a bunch of wires that could be removed to clean up that transformer if one could easily identify which set of wires had to your chime and/or video doorbell location. The transformer and the chime each look like they may have wires going to a second doorbell location. Did your house have a second doorbell at one time?

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There is a rear doorbell but it hasn’t worked in :woman_shrugging:t2: and it’s really not needed so we’ll work on that as well. Thanks for all your help!

Since both Doorbells went dead when you unhooked the red from the rear, I would be willing to bet red is the hot that is nutted to the white at the transformer and Green is actually one of the doorbells. You may be pushing power thru the chime backwards on the rear doorbell connection.

I want to thank you both for your help. Your observations regarding the wiring and the transformer made us troubleshoot what the heck was going on with all those connections. As it turns out there was extra wiring for a doorbell that doesn’t exist as well as the rear bell had its own issue. So we completely disconnected the rear and removed the non existing one. Corrected the wiring and then had to hook up the chime controller using the “alternate wiring” to the chime and finally all is good!


For the nerd in me to get some satisfaction, can you post updated photos of what your wiring is now at the different spots to help round out this issue? I believe this will also help folks that find this topic in the future be able to troubleshoot their same or similar problems. Thanks in advance! Glad you got it figured out!

And I spoke too soon…after about 5 hours it’s back :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. So now back to the beginning.

And we finally have a video doorbell that doesn’t buzz/hum or extra “ding” :+1:. It took not only correcting the wiring but also replacing the transformer with a 16v 30va. I guess the 16v 10va that we had and that the doorbell requirements said was fine in our case did not work.
Here’s the final result….without the rear doorbell hooked up yet (that’s another day!)